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Upgrade your classrooms by switching from outdated chalkboards to modern whiteboards or by refurbishing over-used whiteboards.

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Why Resurface Your Old Boards?

  • Convert / Revitalize your old boards in just 15 minutes each
  • Keep your old and sturdy infrastructure - just replace the finish
  • Avoid costly asbestos abatement for classrooms with potential asbestos
  • Contribute to a greener environment by keeping old boards out of landfills
  • Improve air quality by eliminating chalk dust from your teaching spaces
  • Simplify maintenance for your facilities team with easy-to-clean surfaces

Why Resurface With Think Board?

  • Enjoy a scratch-resistant and permanent marker-proof finish
  • Experience hassle-free, bubble-free installation, guaranteed
  • Free Replacements for 10 Years if you have any issues
  • Works with all Dry Erase markers and will always be clean
  • Permanent markers erase cleanly with rubbing alcohol
  • No expo spray cleaner needed. Just water and a cloth!
  • Our whiteboard film is easier to install than alternatives (if you'd like to buy 1 or 2)
  • We have local install crews around the country to service your school.
  • We also offer a Magnetic Think Board that upgrades non-magnetic boards into premium quality magnetic whiteboards

Flip Through Before & After Photos:

A Think Board Success Story:
Saratoga Springs High School's Chalkboard-to-Whiteboard Transformation

“We found that Think Board holds up just as well as any whiteboard we can buy. And the great part about this is that we retrofitted these chalkboards that have stood the test of time. These chalkboards are really heavy. They're very durable. And when we put the Think Board product over them, it makes them into about as good of a whiteboard as you can get.” - Assistant Principal, Kevin Wolpert

Hear From Other Happy Customers:

“The teachers work so hard for these students - every single day. They deserve to have functioning whiteboards. You wouldn‘t believe it, but upgrading their whiteboards to Think Board brought some of them to tears. It shows them we’re listening. It shows them we care.” - Assistant Headmaster, Christophe Teulet-Cote

"We purchased this product to cover all of the existing chalkboards that we have in our school, original since the 60's and all different sizes. We as a PTA board could not be more pleased with our purchase and how these turned out. We are on an extremely tight budget and there was no way we would be able to replace our old existing boards. This was by far the most amazing alternative and it allowed us to update every one of our classrooms for a fraction of the cost of total replacement, and the teachers are loving them." - Northmoor PTA

“The product is working great and saved us significant money by not having to install new whiteboards while greatly reducing the amount of time cleaning the failed boards every night. This product gives Facilities Managers another option for whiteboards and whiteboard repairs with significant cost savings.” Director of Facilities, Andy Moutinho

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