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    What Is Think Board?

    We'll be shipping you:

    (2) 2'x3' White Think Boards
    (great for small offices)

    (5) 8"x11" White Think Boards
    (awesome for desks)

    (2) 4'x6' White XL Think Boards
    (for larger offices/conference rooms)

    (2) 14”x14" Clear Calendar Think Boards
    (a nice addition too a desk or fridge)

    (1) Set of Whiteboard Markers and a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths!

    Test them out... let us know how you like them. And if you want to order more we can offer you a 20% off discount for you and your members going forward :)

    $585 of Think Boards
    for a fraction of the price :)

    Why? A few reasons...

    1) We are a small company hoping to expand our brand

    2) We know once you try Think Board, you might find a few more places to convert into writeable surfaces

    3) If a member outgrows the spaces, they might reach out to us to hook them up for their new space too!

    Give it a shot and we promise you'll love it. Plus, you're getting 11 whiteboards for cheaper than the price of one...

    Hear from one of our top coworking spaces! 👇

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