Work From Home Bundle.
Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging everyone to stay home. For you, your loved ones, and your community. We know it’s not much, but we’d like to make our whiteboards as accessible as possible for those who need it. If possible, please consider working from home this month. If you need a Think Board to build out your Work From Home workspace, please use code: "Stay At Home" at checkout. Bulk Discounts 40-50% For Schools/Organizations. Additional support available on a need-to-need basis.
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    What Is Think Board?

    We'll be shipping you:

    (2) 2'x3' White Think Boards
    (great for small offices)

    (5) 8"x11" White Think Boards
    (awesome for desks)

    (2) 4'x6' White XL Think Boards
    (for larger offices/conference rooms)

    (2) 14”x14" Clear Calendar Think Boards
    (a nice addition too a desk or fridge)

    (1) Set of Whiteboard Markers and a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths!

    Test them out... let us know how you like them. And if you want to order more we can offer you a 20% off discount for you and your members going forward :)

    $585 of Think Boards
    for a fraction of the price :)

    Why? A few reasons...

    1) We are a small company hoping to expand our brand

    2) We know once you try Think Board, you might find a few more places to convert into writeable surfaces

    3) If a member outgrows the spaces, they might reach out to us to hook them up for their new space too!

    Give it a shot and we promise you'll love it. Plus, you're getting 11 whiteboards for cheaper than the price of one...

    Hear from one of our top coworking spaces! 👇

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