Preserve Whiteboard Writing: Clear Overlay Film


At Think Board, we're renowned for our transformative whiteboard resurfacing products. But did you know we offer a special solution for those who want to preserve what's already written on a board, without compromising its utility? Introducing our Think Board Clear Overlay Film, designed to secure written memories while keeping your board fully functional.

*This film is not dry erasable. It seals the writing with a film and should not be written on with whiteboard markers afterwards.*

Why You Need It:

  1. Honor a Legacy: Want to preserve the handwriting of a loved one who's no longer with us? Our clear overlay film allows you to keep their memory alive.
  2. Save Your Child's Firsts: Maybe it's your child's first stick-figure or their earliest alphabet scrawls. This film ensures you don't have to erase it for new drawings.
  3. Protect Important Information: If there are permanent procedures, emergency contacts, or important formulas you want to keep handy—secure them on the board forever.

Unique Features:

  • A Safe Adhesive: Our specialized adhesive ensures a smooth application that won't erase/impact the writing. It is a very gentle adhesive. 
  • Custom Sizing: Just email or text us the dimensions of your whiteboard, and we'll provide you with a custom-fit clear film at an affordable price.
  • High Quality, Low Cost: We're so committed to helping you preserve special moments. 

How It Works:

Buy one of the stock sizes we have (and trim with scissors if needed).


Simply email us the dimensions of your whiteboard. We'll get back to you with a custom quote, and once approved, we'll send over your custom-sized Think Board Clear Overlay Film.

If covering the full board, we recommend having our material at least 1/4 inch less than the actual width of the writing surface, to ensure an easy application. If covering just part of the board, it's easiest to buy our stock sizes and trim to size. 

What's included:

  • 1 Premium Think Board Clear Film: We carefully package our Premium Think Board for safe shipping.
  • 1 Think Board Kit: This kit includes (1) cleaning cloth and (1) squeegee. 


Installing any film over a super smooth surface is tricky. We have a super gentle adhesive that will do the trick, and is "supposed to" install bubble free, but it isn't perfect. There will still be a couple bubbles here and there, or specs of dust that get under it. Since you won't want to accidentally erase the writing, you can't really clean the surface in advance. Every customer we've sold this product to has been happy, given their circumstances of why they are trying to preserve the board, but we just wanted to set expectations :)

Once installed, we don't recommend removing the film because the new layer will sandwich the marker ink together, and if you do peel it off, it will take some of the marker ink with it. So it's best to install it, seal it, and leave it for safe keeping. 


"Using Think Board has meant the world to me. It preserved my late husband's whiteboard notes, keeping his handwriting as a touching piece of him that I see every day."

- Sarah M. 

"I couldn't bear to erase my daughter's first masterpiece on our whiteboard—it was too precious! Thanks to Think Board, I didn't have to. The drawing looks vibrant and new, and now we both smile every time we walk by it."

- Joel R. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I Love This Product!!

Lately I have taken up drawing on dry erase boards and hanging up in house in a sort of art gallery. I also work with children who always touch or accidentally erase my works. This product is a game changer! Is is essentially a large screen protector similar to a smartphone. It is easy to apply and protects my works from little hands. Much appreciated!

Shannon Roberson
Easy to Apply and Durable

Applied it over my child’s artwork. Easy to install and very durable. It’s like having a permanent memory on the wall.

Richie Kirk
Secure and Reliable

Essential procedures are now safe on our clinic's board. The film is secure and doesn't peel off.

Todd Lutz
Preserved My Father's Writing

The clear film preserved my father's last message on his office whiteboard. It's a treasure to have his handwriting intact. There are a few bubbles, but I really don't mind

Emily Wilkins
Functional and Sentimental

Perfect blend of functionality and sentimentality. Preserved my late mentor’s notes while keeping the board usable.