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      Free US Shipping - Easy Returns

      Why? We want you to try Think Board! We know you're going to love it, but we want to make sure you feel comfortable ordering one or a couple today and have the confidence in us that we'll support you 100%, even if you don't love it.

      And if I mess up the install? Or something goes wrong?

      We got you. Don't worry :)

      We made killer install videos (found here), but even if you struggle installing the board, we'll send you a replacement. Why? Because a) we want you to actually get to use your Think Board and LOVE it, but we also value word of mouth. And the better of an experience you get while ordering & using your Think Board, the better off we'll be as a company.

      We offer a money-back guarantee for 100 days. After that, if something goes wrong, shoot us a message and we'll replace it for you! Sometimes there is a crazy weather shift and a board falls off the wall... or someone accidentally uses an Expo BOLD marker on our clear products... or there was a faulty board that isn't erasing as well as it should. Either way, send us a message and we'll help!

      What do I do if something goes wrong?

      Email us - hello@think-board.com
      Live Chat us with the icon below
      or call us at 617-657-9616

      Live Chat is the fastest for you and easiest for us! We're a small team,
      so we can't always answer the phone if you call :(

      Is shipping internationally expensive?

      Shipping prices are calculated at checkout and pulled directly from USPS's website to get you the best rate possible. Shipping for a Medium or Large Think Board is around $25. Shipping for a XL Think Board can range between $45-60. We recently launched on Amazon in a number of different countries as well as a few other online partners. It would save you a lot of time and money to purchase locally, of course!

      We also cannot control your countries Customs and Import duties.

      We are live on Amazon/other online stores in
      - Canada
      - United Kingdom
      - Germany
      - France
      - Spain
      - Italy
      - Australia
      - New Zealand
      - Singapore
      - Malaysia
      - Japan