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    Turn ANY smooth surface into a Whiteboard!

    • We are huge fans of Think Board. Collaboration is a very important aspect of how we work and Think Board whiteboard stickers make that collaboration possible. We started off with just one Think Board in our primary conference room. We were so thrilled with the quality and utility of the whiteboard that we went on to install Think Boards in all of our conference rooms. Some of us even have Think Boards in our private offices. Bottom line: we've tried other White Board stickers, Think Board is head and shoulders above the rest--easy to install, looks great, writes and erases well. We've run out of walls to hang them on!

      - Atlantis Technology

    • Easy installation and wipes complete clean. Perfect fit for our office! Plus great customer service, I truly felt valued as a customer. It was also nice that it included free markers and an eraser rag!

      - Charlyn Webster

    • So I LOVE this thing. I was going through about a pack of post-its every other week and now I'm able to write my notes and erase them as needed. Not only do I save money on post-its but I feel a bit better about the waste I was producing. Win-win! I bought 2 for the surface of my desk. My desk is a pretty weird shape, but I was able to carefully trim the edges until it fit perfectly. The instructions recommended a second person to help with the install, but I was able to do it myself by being careful and working slowly. However, I can see if one were applying it to a wall how having a second set of hands would be helpful. Overall, great product. I'm thinking of buying a few more for my walls at home!

      - Olivia Wallace

    • OMG, I absolutely love this. Just like you, i've been looking for a white board for productivity, goals, action steps, you name it! Well, this is it what you're looking for! Got a friend to help with installation (super helpful). I've been writing on it for 35 mins :) It's exceeds my expectations. You start writing and feel so free, creativity pours out. It's just what I wanted. I purchased on a whim since i've been looking forever.

      - Georgetowns Marketplace

    • The writing surface is super smooth and the cleaning cloth wipes clean so much better than standard white board erasers. My kid also really likes it too. We use it for practicing math problems. If you're looking for an extra large white board, I really recommend this one!

      - Carrie Goldstein



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