Think Board Desk Classroom Set


Check out our Desk Classroom Set — the perfect whiteboard solution for any classroom. Learn how this product can improve your classroom. 

Perfect for:

These peel & stick desk films are ideally designed for student desks, creating a personalized, reusable whiteboard space right at their fingertips. The size of each film is tailored to fit a standard desk, making it a perfect fit for classroom settings.

Why you need it:

Our Desk Classroom Set offers a substantial enhancement to the educational experience, serving as a dynamic tool to facilitate better learning outcomes. It provides an immediate, tangible space for students to jot down notes, perform calculations, brainstorm ideas, and engage in interactive learning. This innovation brings about increased convenience as students no longer need to shuffle between notebooks and textbooks; everything they need to work on is right in front of them. 

What's included:

  • (25) or (30) 12”x23” Think Board Desk Films: Apply these Think Board films to the desks in your classroom for an effective whiteboard solution. 
  • (25) or (30) Magic Cloths: We also provide you with enough magic cleaning cloths to clean and maintain each individual Think Board film. 
  • (25) or (30) Dry Erase Markers: These markers write clearly and vividly for a smooth writing experience every time. 
  • 1 Squeegee: This squeezee is very helpful for cleaning the Think Board films. Use it with some water or whiteboard cleaner for the best results. 
  • 1 Amazon Basics Microfiber Cloth: We include one Amazon Basics microfiber cloth with every purchase of our Think Board Desk Classroom Set. It's safe and effective for everyday whiteboard cleaning. 
  • Essential Installation Tools: This makes the application of these films a hassle-free process.

The size of each desk film is 23" x 12" (or 58 x 30 cm), designed to fit seamlessly onto a standard student desk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Angela Ray
A Must-Have for Modern Classrooms

I can't imagine our classrooms without these now. They foster a collaborative and interactive learning atmosphere. The films are easy to apply and maintain, and the size is perfect for standard desks.

Charlie Oneill
Engaging Educational Tool

Engages students effectively. A couple of films showed wear after extensive use.

Juliet Braun
Engaging and Practical

The Think Board Desk Films have been a fantastic addition to our learning environment. They encourage students to be more engaged and make learning more fun. The magic cloths are very effective for cleaning. Overall, a highly recommended product for any classroom.

Paula Gardner
Classroom Collaboration Boost

These desk films have made group activities more dynamic and engaging. I bought some color packs of markers too to make them even more fun!

Aurelia Lewis
Creative Collaboration Tool

Great for fostering teamwork and creativity