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    Whiteboard Desks For The Classroom!

    Converting Your Desks Into Whiteboard Desks!

    Thinking about turning your desks into whiteboard desks? Great idea! We see students and teachers light up with excitement every time we come do an install - that's why working in education is one of our passions :) As education moves in the direction of "project-based learning" and "flipped classrooms," converting traditional school desks into whiteboard desks has become more demanded across the board. Whiteboard desks are highly recommended by every teacher we work with. Here's why:

    More Engagement With In-Class Activities.

    Students love whiteboards and prefer to work on a whiteboard over paper any day of the week. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor.

    Higher Test Scores

    With an increase in class engagement, test scores and the students’ knowledge of the subject will naturally increase. Teachers love the ability to quickly gauge how each student is performing. Also, since everything is dry erase, teachers are able to quickly correct students’ misspellings or errors with the swipe of a finger.

    Save Paper!

    With the ability to avoid paper for in-class activities, you could save roughly 50% of the paper currently consumed.

    Increased Efficiency in the Classroom

    There is no longer a need to pass out those old clunky whiteboards for in-class activities! Just grab your Expo marker and start collaborating :)

    More Fun!

    We don't get it. We really don't. But every time we see students interact with their whiteboard desks, we notice they proactively want to do math problems and conjugate verbs! Students love the freedom to write on the desk and are excited to learn!


    Here's an unbiased quote from Ms. Venturino - a teacher who made her own from Home Depot supplies.

    "With my new desks, not only is writing more pleasant but also it has brightened up my classroom. Since we did this in January 2017, I’ve used them multiple times with students. They’ve brainstormed for projects and given peer feedback (in a different color), drawn diagrams of science concepts, and reflected on their work. 
    My favorite part of it is that students can quickly do a gallery walk to see their peers’ work and add in comments and feedback in a different color marker. When they’re all done, they take a picture and we erase the desks."
    And here is a teacher's reaction after we installed our Think Board films onto her desks!
    And lastly, here's a quick video of our team converting this classroom into a whiteboard/Think Board classroom! (We covered the entire school!)
    Interested in learning more? Visit our page here, or shoot us an email at education@think-board.com!

    The Think Board to Be Featured on the Home Shopping Network

    Kick back, relax, and get ready to watch the Think Board on TV. That’s right – TV! On April 25, you can tune in live to see the Think Board on America’s favorite shopping channel, Home Shopping Network.

    The Think Board will be featured on their “American Dreams: Storage & Organization” segment, with hosts Shannon Fox and Guy Yovan. Tune in at 7 a.m. (EST) on April 25 to watch the Think Board team talk about how the Think Board can turn any surface into a dry erase board. Your home, office or classroom – you name it, and the Think Board is there!

    Think Board on HSN

    Because we’re so excited about the Think Board being on the Home Shopping Network, we’re offering Think Board Dry Erase Bundles! Yay, bundles! 

    Take a Peek Inside The Exclusive Think Board Dry Erase Bundle

    1. Choose From The Large Think Board (54"x30") or Premium Medium Think Board (24"x36")
    2. Think Board Dry Erase Calendar (14"x14")
    3. 2oz Whiteboard Cleaner
    4. One Magic Dry Erase Cloth
    5. Black Expo Dry Erase Marker

    Learn more and shop this exclusive offer on HSN by visiting http://bit.ly/2oPGGYs

    3 Productivity Tips for People Who Love to Procrastinate

    “I’ll get it done next week.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “Five more minutes.” As a procrastinator, you’re probably always finding excuses to delay the next task you have to complete. It’s OK, we’ve all been there. There’s always a voice in the back of your head telling you to “just do it already!” If you ever find yourself prolonging the inevitable, the Think Board is here to help! Let’s get you to stop procrastinating, and become productive! Here are the three productivity tips for people who love to procrastinate.

    1. Prioritize

    Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! It’s important to start each week, or each day, with a clear idea of what is most important that you have to get done. Write down your prioritization list on the Think Board, and you’ll be reminded daily of what important tasks you have to complete. Put your high priority tasks at the top of the list, and gradually work your way down.

    2. Acknowledge Your Procrastination

    You tell yourself you’re going to take a two-minute break, and next thing you know 30 minutes have passed and you’re watching cat videos on your phone. It’s OK – all of us have been there. The best thing you can do at that point is call yourself out. In your head, or out loud, say a simple mantra like “stop procrastinating,” or “move on,” and get back to being productive! You got this.

    3. Set Deadlines & Time Restraints for Each Task

    The Think Board will make this one super easy! Look at your to-do list on your Think Board, and next to each task write down a deadline and how much time you’ll allow yourself for each task. You could do this however you’d like: breaking each big task into smaller, more manageable ones. You could also tell yourself to work for 30 minutes, and then take a 10-minute break. This will shoot your productivity level through the roof!

    If you need help getting your productivity level up, try using the Think Board! The Think Board is a great way to organize your to-do list, and stay on track. Shop all Think Board products here.

    Think Board: The Whiteboard That Will Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

    The whiteboard: it used to be in every classroom, office and workspace, but now it’s outdated, difficult to clean, hard to move and not to mention - they’re expensive! If you’re looking for something that will last indefinitely, is easy to clean and simple to install –  the answer is the Think Board!

    The Think Board vs. The Whiteboard

    The Think Board is similar to the whiteboard because it allows you to have a clear visual of anything you write down, including a message to coworkers, your daily to-do list, or weekly goals. But the Think Board is better than the whiteboard because you can virtually turn any flat surface into a creative workspace with our peel-and-stick dry-erase board!

    Just peel and stick the Think Board to any flat, smooth surface and – boom! – You’ve got yourself a reusable writing surface that will encourage creativity and increase productivity. Take your Think Board down whenever you’d like; it won’t damage the surface you applied it to, and there will be no sticky residue!

    The Think Board’s Lifetime

    After a couple of years, the whiteboard becomes stained with a black tint from markers, the corners begin to crumble, and it just becomes a huge eyesore for the room. The Think Board is great because it lasts 10 years without ghosting, or any sign of wear and tear! No matter if choose from the clear Think Board, or the white Think Board – there will be no sign of ugly stains.

    The Cost of the Think Board vs. The Whiteboard

    If you’ve ever tried to buy a large, or extra-large version of the whiteboard online, we’re sorry for your pain. The whiteboard can be extremely expensive, and they’re limited to certain sizes. On Amazon, a 4’x8’ whiteboard sells for around $315-$400! And if you read carefully, most of the whiteboards say “best for light use in personal or low-traffic environments.” What?! Why would you want to buy a whiteboard at that cost if you, and everyone else in the office couldn’t use it every day?

    Don’t worry because the Think Board is here to help! Our Premium Think Boards are much less expensive, and we can customize your Think Board to whatever size you want! We can do sizes up to 4.5 feet x ANYTHING! We’ve set up an 18 foot Think Board in our office before and it’s awesome!

    If you’re ready to say goodbye to the whiteboard, and welcome the Think Board in your life, visit our online store today. Give the Think Board one shot, and you (and your wallet) won’t regret it!

    For a limited time - Buy a Think Board & Get a FREE Calendar ($24.99 Value)! No coupon code required. Shop Think Board products here.

    How to Increase Teamwork Productivity

    How to Increase Teamwork Productivity

    IMAGE SOURCE: www.pixabay.com

    Not having the energy and motivation to get things done is one thing, but having an unproductive team is another story. It’s frustrating when you have so many tasks at hand, but you just can’t find the mood and energy to do them. But do you know what? It’s even more of a frustration to be the energetic one in a group of unproductive teammates. I mean, sure. Every time you feel unmotivated to get some things done, the answer is all inside you how you’re going to get yourself back together, but what if the problem was on other people. I mean, if they don’t feel like working, and then what more can you do? It’s not like you have the authority to boss them around. You’d probably wish that you didn’t have to work in teams.

    You’d probably wish that you could convince the boss to let you do the task all by yourself, because what are you supposed to do with your enthusiasm and motivation if the people around you aren’t going to cooperate? No matter how hard you try to turn the situation around, you’ll still end up drowning by their unproductivity. There’s a reason why the boss decided the work should be done in groups. It’s a must. It’s not something that can be done by a single person. So, what do you do then? Do you just give up and go along with the indolence of your teammates? Or do you seek ways on how to empower them? The latter seems to be the best option. Here are some tips on how to boost teamwork productivity.


    People need to feel like they’re part of something. Otherwise, they won’t feel motivated to take part in the work. Don’t make your teammates feel like you’re doing all the work. Don’t give them the impression that you’re the one who knows best. Rather explain and elaborate to them the goals. Let them share their opinions and judgment about the situation and how the team should go with it, but before they can begin to tell you what they think, the goals have to be clear first. They have to be able to understand it.


    It’s easy for tasks and responsibilities to get mixed up. I, mean it’s teamwork after all. Confusion and conflict might arise if people don’t know what they’re supposed to do. People might fight over doing one thing or another. With that, the best thing to do is to make the responsibilities clear the first hand. Having a productive team doesn’t only mean that everyone is doing something. It can also mean that there’s someone responsible for doing each task. There has to be at least one person manning a specific task. With that, there should be a meeting before you execute the task. As the team leader or manager, tell your teammates you should work on what.


    Relying on just chance to get all the work done will send you to the grave. You have to set a timeline for everything. You can’t just let your team do whatever they’re doing, minding only your work. You have to monitor them. Give them a clear timeline of when they should finish their tasks. That way, you’ll have a smooth flow of productivity. Another thing about setting timelines is it motivates people to be productive. If you were asked to do something with no specific date, would you feel inclined to do it immediately? Well, perhaps not. You’ll probably indulge in the social media first before you start doing the work.


    You’re not the only professional in the group. Even if you think you know what’s best for the team, it will still be best if you ask for their opinion too. You don’t get to decide what’s best for the project. The whole team does, and you’re not a representative for the entire project, you’re just the leader. And as the leader, your job is to make sure that everyone does their job right. With that, try to listen to what your teammates have to say. See if they have some good ideas in their mind, and try to adapt the best ideas. That way, you’ll be able to get the task done to the best of all your abilities.

    Remember what I said about how people likes to feel like they’re part of something? Yeah, this is one of the best situations to apply it. Why? Hearing out what they want to say about the team plan is a great way to do this. This way, they’ll be motivated to do their task.

    Think Board Guest Blogger: Monica Morgan


    Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She loves to travel Asian countries, writing reviews on each of them on her hqessays.com. She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers.



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