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    We're not Business to Customer, or Business to Business...
    We're Business to Human :)

    Sparking Collaboration - One Idea at a Time.  


    Writing it down is the first step towards achieving your goal. At Think Board, we strive to help you accomplish your goals, enhance collaboration, and express your creativity. Writing BIG allows you to do just that.




    "At Think Board, we created a space to write down ideas and take action on them. I started Think Board in my dorm room as a sophomore at Babson College, and it has now turned into my post-grad full-time job.  My goal as an entrepreneur is to show other young entrepreneurs around the world that this all is VERY within reach and that you too can go out and reach it. 

    Everything starts with an idea. Then you put pen to paper (or in our case, marker to Think Board). And then you let the ideas flow. Share them with friends. Bounce ideas off each other. Let the ideas grow. It took me about 50 ideas to realize that the product I was destined to create was right in front of me the whole time." - Hanson 


    About Our "Chief Thinker"

    Hanson Grant - Age 23

    Describe your product in 3 words.

    On Demand Collaboration

    Where did you get the inspiration for your product?


    It started out in a dorm room at Babson College. All Grant needed was a space to write down business ideas and stay organized from week to week; however, he couldn't drill holes into the wall to set up a massive whiteboard or paint his walls with whiteboard paint. So Think Board was born - a clear dry erase film that was easy to install, looked beautiful, and worked like a charm.


    What differentiates your product from similar products out there?


    We have 2 main versions. Our clear version & our Premium version. The clear Think Board is unique because it blends in with any surface you put it on. The Premium has a special dry erase coating that erases cleanly every time. Unlike other whiteboard paints and whiteboard films that take on the texture of the wall, the Premium Think Board has thicker properties to it that absorb the imperfections in the wall. These imperfections/porous aspects to a finish are what cause "ghosting" and discolorations." Because of this, Think Board will always erase clean and work with every marker!


    Tell us about the best parts of running Think Board.


    Our team is very passionate about education. We LOVE working with young entrepreneurs and helping them envision what is possible. We have been fortunate enough to speak with hundreds of Primary, Secondary, and Higher Ed students about entrepreneurship and how they can take action! Plus, it's always amazing to visit a group of students who have been using Think Boards on their school desks and discover amazing & fun ways teachers use them to engage their students!




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