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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is there anything I definitely need to know?

      1. Glad you asked :)
        1. Watch our install video. You’ll be happy you did.
        2. Don’t use Expo BOLD markers on our clear products
        3. Sharpie comes off easily on our white products with rubbing alcohol
        4. Free US shipping & free returns. Try it & love it. And if not, you have 100 days to return it, no questions asked :)

      How do I keep my Think Board squeaky clean?

      We include a microfiber cloth with every Think Board. You won’t need any whiteboard cleaner or chemicals to clean your board, ever. If you leave markings on the board for over 2 weeks, a mist of water will help it return to 100%

      If for some reason something is not erasing, it is likely that there could be some goop or glue or something weird stuck to the Think Board. Rubbing alcohol should take that right off. And if colors aren’t cleaning properly, rubbing alcohol will handle that too!

      Ps. we have this conspiracy theory that some of the bigger companies tell you to use the spray cleaner & black square foam erasers as a way to get you to buy more whiteboards and more cleaner… that combo actually causes micro scratches in the surface and results in significantly shorter product life. Spray + microfiber is OK, but not really needed on our products!

      When will Think Board not stick?

      Not all paints are the same. 99% of the time Think Board sticks great. If for some reason yours fell down, send us an email and we’ll hook you up with a stronger replacement!

      If taping a poster up on your wall doesn’t stay for more than a day, it is unlikely that Think Board would stick.

      Think board may not stick properly if:

      Your walls are painted with mold/germ resistant paint, washable paint, or stain-release paint

      The texture of your wall is similar or rougher than an orange peel. If you’re concerned, email hello@think-board.com a photo of your wall and we’ll be able to tell you!

      If you run into any issues with your Think Board sticking properly, please reach out! We have different strengths of adhesive that we can alter to work for your situation!

      ps. sometimes we'd had customers add a little tape or thumbtacks to the corners just to be certain it doesn't fall. Unfortunately, all paints are different and we can't be certain that it will work 100% of the time. But hey, if it doesn't work, we'll refund you :)

      Would Think Board ever damage my paint?

      Think Board may damage the paint if:

      If the wall is not primed properly

      If the walls were painted with latex paint

      If tape or other super removable adhesives peel the paint off your walls, Think Board probably would too.

      Can I move the Think Board?

      We recommend keeping the board set up in 1 spot. Moving the board is difficult because you are essentially moving a massive sticker from place to place. If you’ve ever tried to use a piece of tape that was way too long and it got stuck to just about everything, then you know why we don’t recommend moving your Think Board. If you give it a shot anyway and you succeed, send us photos! We’d love to hear your tips and tricks and share it with everyone. Let us know if you didn’t succeed too. We might be able to help you out with another one ;)

      Will there be any damages once the board is removed?

      Nope! As long as your paint isn’t super old and brittle, you should be all set :)

      How do I remove my board properly?

      Pull the board back on itself at a 180° angle slowly. (Writing sides touching)

      There will be no evidence the board was ever there :)

      Will “fill in the blank” texture interfere with the board?

      The smoother the surface, the better! Think Boards work best on smooth surfaces but Premium Boards can handle more texture. Check out this link to take a look at our recommended surfaces. Don’t see the texture you are looking for? Send us over a picture to hello@think-board.com

      What types of markers can I use on my board?

      You can pick almost any of your favorite markers! Just stay away from Expo Bold and red markers on our clear products :)

      Pro Tip: Check out this marker holder if you wanted to add some extra style to your Think Board!

      Will it ever discolor and start “ghosting”?

      We designed our products to match the longevity of the highest quality whiteboards on the market. After a few years, they might start to get a little dirty. But a mist of rubbing alcohol should clean it right up! We promise they will never look like your old whiteboard paint…

      Like.... this photo...

      ps. that is a Think Board after a few months of use on top of whiteboard paint after only a few years of use...

      Can I cut/trim my Think Board with scissors?

      Yes! You can cut your Think Board to any size or shape you’d like to work on. However, if you have a Think Board X the black borders must remain on the board!

      Cutting with Scissors is fine. We'd recommend a utility knife and a straightedge to make sure it's a straight cut!

      What do I do if I open my package and the board appears to be wrinkled?

      Don’t panic! Think Boards can get tossed around during shipping but never fear, once installed the wrinkles should generally smooth right out. If you are still having problems after the install shoot us an email to hello@think-board.com.

      When do I need to do a "wet" install?

      Use the wet install on super smooth surfaces like glass, windows, plexiglass, whiteboards, chalkboards, stainless steel surface or similar! For a smooth installation watch the video on our install page!

      What’s the difference between Premium and Regular Think Boards?

      Regular Clear Think Boards are intentionally thinner and designed to blend in with the surface underneath so you can show off your home, or office decor. The Premium White Think Boards are thicker and also have more adhesive for a better stick and smoother writing experience. We also have built in a more durable finish on the Premium White Products. You can use rubbing alcohol directly on the film without damaging it. We recommend the Premium White Think Boards for bigger, customer-facing uses.

      Can I get a Think Board with my logo on it?

      Yup! Check out our custom page for details.

      How do I use my Think Board X?

      After watching this installation video for your new Think Board X you’ll soon be an expert installer! Once your Think Board X is installed, download the Rocketbook app and scan away! Make sure the black borders and QR code are visible and you will be ready to scan away :)

      My Think Board was installed perfectly, but now has a bubble in the middle?

      There could be 2 reasons for this. The first would be there was too much tension during the install. The second could be due to drastic shifts in temperature/humidity. Either way, we recommend peeling the Think Board back up to the bubble and re-smoothing it onto the wall using the methods in our installation video. Be careful not to stick the adhesive sides together when adjusting!

      If this doesn’t solve your problem, shoot us an email!

      Are the boards magnetic?

      Think Boards itself if not magnetic. However, if you put the board over a magnetic surface the board will be magnetic!

      We will be releasing a brand new extra high-quality magnetic Think Board around very soon. Shoot us an email at hello@think-board.com if that’s something you need.

      Can I use Think Board on a dark surface?

      Yes! It looks really sweet too! Try checking out neon dry erase markers or liquid chalk markers. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any “white” dry erase markers yet. But liquid chalk works! You just need water to erase those.

      Do you ship internationally? Will I have to pay import duties?

      Yes and yes. We ship worldwide to every country via the United States Postal Service. USPS picks up the package and delivers it to the Customs Office in your respective country. From there, it is your responsibility to pay any import fees associated with the purchase. They will email you or call you with the email/phone number provided during your purchase. They will then pass the package off to your country’s local Postal Service.

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