Whiteboard Resurfacing

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Got an old & stained whiteboard or outdated chalkboards?
Consider Whiteboard Resurfacing with Think Board. It's affordable, easy to install, and better for the environment than traditional whiteboards. 

Perfect for:

  • Revitalizing your old chalkboards or stained whiteboards, offering a fresh, bright surface within just 20 minutes
  • Avoiding the hassle of drilling new whiteboards over the top of old chalkboards
  • Bypassing the need for whiteboard paint that may fail within 6 months

Why you need it:

The product eliminates the need for removing and disposing of old whiteboards and chalkboards. Instead, Think Board can be applied directly over your existing boards, simplifying the process.

Our Premium Think Boards have been rigorously tested and proven to work in all kinds of environments, ensuring a durable, reliable product.

What's included:

  • 1 Think Board Whiteboard Resurfacing Skin: We package the resurfacing skin carefully so it arrives to you safe and sound (and ready for immediate installation). 
  • 1 Installation Kit: Our installation kit includes (1) black Expo marker, (1) large cloth, (1) 200ml spray bottle, (1) small scraper, (1) knife, and (1) 6" squeegee. 

Learn more about the convenience and effectiveness of Whiteboard Resurfacing with Think Board by visiting our dedicated page here.

Our Premium Think Boards have been battle-tested in every environment. Trust us, you won't be disappointed :) Don't trust us? Give us a call and we'll put you in touch with some of the schools we've been working with longest! 

Scroll through the photos and check out before and after photos from schools we've worked with! 

Learn More About Whiteboard Resurfacing on our full page here!

Customer Reviews

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Tena Demechk
Wonderful product and easy install

Our PTA purchased this product to cover the existing chalkboards that we have in our school, original since the 60s and all different sizes. I agreed to take on the task of installing on our 22 boards.
The most important step is clean the board/surface really well, making sure there are no sticky spots or debris on them. Alcohol and razor blades work well for this. This is the most difficult part of the whole process in my opinion.
It took about 15-20 minutes for each install once the surface was completely cleaned! I was able to do almost all of the boards by myself, I only needed 1-2 people to help me lift the Think Board material onto longer boards, and then I could continue the installation alone. Each one came out great, they are absolutely perfect, and the teachers love them! The instructions video that the Think Board company sends is very helpful and they will also send you a list of required tools and tips to help with your installation. Most items can be purchased on Amazon or just about anywhere locally.
One of the tips was to use a spray bottle of baby shampoo ** and water and I would lay the material out on a clean flat surface * peel the backing off and spray them down with this solution. This helped with the transition to the board, so the product doesn't stick to itself. Once it is in place on the board you just work the bubbles out as explained in the video and done!

* I recommend long tables or desks pushed together unless you know the floor is clean to keep debris from sticking to the product.
** I used Lavendar scented baby shampoo and the rooms smelled amazing when I was done.

Eldridge Bowers
Effortless Application in the classroom

Effortless application process. The resurfacing skin adheres perfectly, leaving a smooth, clean writing surface. Our boards have never looked better, and the durability so far is commendable.

Becky Flynn
Ideal for Office Spaces

Perfect for our office spaces. The resurfaced boards are now a focal point for collaboration and brainstorming. The quality of the writing surface is outstanding.

Justin Cervantes
Better than Paint. Much better!

Opted for this instead of whiteboard paint. Happy with the decision, as the surface is durable and reliable and it erases much better

Think Board versus Everase....

I use a LOT of dry erase boards because I’m a physician by training who tutors students everyday, who have special needs and psychological problems. It drives me nuts how my boards quickly get scratched and look unprofessional. I’ve tried many different brands.

Before I found Think Board, I gave Everase a shot. When I heard Everase's boards don’t scratch, I was thrilled, but my joy soon turned to frustration when their boards scratched after just the first 20 minutes of use (see first two pictures which is after 2 days of use)! Everase said that the microfiber cloth they provide attracts dirt, and if you accidentally drop it on the ground, then use it to erase, it will scratch the board. They recommended putting the microfiber cloth in a ziploc bag after every use to make sure it does not touch anything except the board... Definitely doesn't hold up to their promise of being "scratch-resistant" in my opinion.

With further research, I found Think Board and decided to give them a try. It's been 9 days now, and I'm thrilled that there is not a single scratch (see third and fourth pic)! I've dropped their cloth a number of times (before learning that this could be problematic!), but haven't had a single scratch or issue. It erases clean every time and looks like it will finally work as expected and look professional!