Think Board Large


The large-sized Think Board you didn't know you needed (but definitely do). 

Perfect for:

The Think Board is ideal for a wide array of settings, including dorm rooms, playrooms, small offices, and home offices.

Why you need it:

If you require an upgrade from the Think Board Medium, consider our larger size. For a marginal increase in price, this board delivers 33% more writing space, empowering you with an improved platform to articulate your ideas. 

Here are just a few ways to make use of this practical whiteboard solution: 

  • Starting your day with the Think Board is an invigorating experience. Use it the night before to jot down a motivational quote, and see that positive message first thing in the morning. 
  • Take full advantage of a 2'x4' desk or table by transforming it into a writable surface with our Think Board in either White or Clear options.
  • During a virtual meeting, use your Think Board Large to takes notes conveniently. After the meeting, you can easily convert these notes into an actionable list and then erase them once completed.

Do you need a larger surface area or want to facilitate comprehensive brainstorming sessions? Consider our Premium XL Think Boards, available in multiple sizes (3’x4’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, and 4’x12’).

What's included:

Each Think Board Large purchase comes with the following additional items: 

  • 1 Black Marker: This marker gives you clean, clear, and vibrant writing every time. 
  • 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Use this cloth with whiteboard cleaner or soap and water for an effective whiteboard cleaning solution. 
  • 2 Sets of Velcro Dots: We include these with your order so you can attach the marker to the wall and hang the cloth.
  • 1 Mini Squeegee: This is quite useful for cleaning your whiteboard. 

This board turns any surface into a reusable writing space. Simply peel and stick – it’s that easy. The Think Board will not cause damage or leave a sticky residue on your surfaces. Proudly made in the USA, it embodies a blend of innovation, functionality, and quality.