Premium Resurfacing Kit


Our Premium Resurfacing Kit contains everything you need to safely and effectively resurface your whiteboard. 

Perfect for:

This meticulously assembled toolkit is perfect for those engaging in whiteboard resurfacing projects, such as the installation of Think Boards. Each component has been thoughtfully selected to ensure you have all the necessary tools for a successful and efficient installation process.

Why you need it:

To carry out a seamless resurfacing project, you need precise, durable, and high-quality tools. With our set, you're assured of achieving optimal results while enhancing your overall resurfacing experience.

What's included:

  • (1) Water Sprayer: We include a pressurized water sprayer to provide a respite from the physical toll of squeegeeing and cutting. While any clean sprayer with a misting setting would suffice, a hand pump sprayer significantly eases the process.

  • (1) 1.7-oz. Bottle of Baby Shampoo: Adding a few drops of baby shampoo to the water helps ensure a bubble-free Think Board film application. We add about 10 drops (or 1-2 quick squeezes).
  • (1) Razor Blade Scraper: This scraper is designed to remove tape, putty, hot glue, and any other sticky substances from the surface before applying the Think Board. Please note that it should not be used directly on the Think Board. 

  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol: Our kit includes 70% rubbing alcohol to clean adhesive residue and other deposits from the board before installing. You want to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible before hanging your Think Board! Also, Rubbing Alcohol keeps the Think Board squeaky clean for years to come. If it's ever not erasing fully, add some rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth and it'll restore the finish to brand new!

  • (4) Microfiber Cloths: The kit also contains basic microfiber cloths for cleaning your boards before installation. They also work great as a daily eraser, but if they get a little gross after deep cleaning your board, then you can toss them.

  • (1) Squeegee: This kit includes a 7-inch squeegee, an essential tool in any resurfacing endeavor. Our experts always recommend the 7" squeegee for its ease of use and enhanced coverage during an installation process. The felt side is used for applying the material, and the plastic side when trimming the edges. 

  • (1) Utility Knife: Although any box cutter may seem sufficient, our kit features a precise, smaller utility knife. This knife, with a snap-off blade feature, ensures you always have a sharp edge when you need it. We typically replace the dull blades after resurfacing 23 boards.

  • (1) Marker: We include a marker with our resurfacing kit because odds are, if you're needing to resurface your board, you're also in need of some new whiteboard supplies. 

  • 1 Large Think Board Cloth: For easy erasing :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Basil Leach
Professional Grade Tools

Professional-grade tools that made my resurfacing project much easier. The pump sprayer is a really nice

Andrea Kirby
Perfect for Installation

Everything you need for a perfect Think Board installation. The baby shampoo tip for bubble-free application was helpful.

Nathaniel Hammond
High-Quality and Easy to Use

All components are high-quality and easy to use. Helps if you have to resurface a couple or more boards

Leopoldo Clay
Comprehensive Resurfacing Kit

An incredibly comprehensive kit. Every tool is high quality and perfect for resurfacing projects.

Bruno Blackwell
Essential for Think Board Users

Definitely worth the upgrade