Think Board Sample Folder

Sample Type
Sample Kit

Sample our Think Board offerings before committing to a full purchase for your classroom, dorm room, or office. 

Perfect for:

  • White and Clear Think Board: These variants are ideally suited for home and dorm room applications. Its understated design effortlessly fits into residential settings.
  • White Premium and Clear Premium Think Board: These high-quality versions are perfectly tailored for office spaces, coworking spaces, classrooms, hospitals, or any other areas with high frequency of use. 

Why you need it:

  • White and Clear Think Board: Equipped with a high-quality whiteboard coating, this board is made to last 35 years. It has a removable adhesive that sticks firmly in place until you decide to remove it, providing both stability and flexibility.
  • White Premium and Clear Premium Think Board: These premium versions offer the highest quality whiteboard coating we've ever tested. They outperform porcelain and glass whiteboards, and especially whiteboard paint. They are built to last for more than a decade. The adhesive used here is ultra-removable, allowing you to relocate the board only when you wish to do so.

What's included:

  • Sample 8"x11" Think Board Sheet: Our sample sheet allows you to test the product's feel and quality.
  • Pricing Guide: This provides detailed information on the cost of different Think Board variants.
  • Testimonials: Read real user reviews to help you understand the user experience and product value.
  • Folder: The folder is designed with real use photos to give you a sense of the product in action.

Note: The "Sample Type" only differs in the promotional information enclosed within the folder. We also monitor sample shipments closely to maintain fairness and will cancel any orders that appear to be placed by the same person using different emails or similar addresses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dianna Davidson
Convinced to Purchase

The sample was enough to convince me to buy a full-sized board for my home.

Dewayne Walker
Effective Test

A great way to test the product. The sample performs well.

Brad Shepherd
Premium Feel

The sample has a premium feel to it. Definitely considering a full purchase.

Amado Schwartz
Exceptional Quality

The sample convinced me to buy. The quality is outstanding. I was able to stick this to a chalkboard in my classrooms (with the wet install) and see how it would look if I resurfaced the whole thing.

Horacio Rodgers
A Game Changer for Home Offices

I used the sample in my home office, and it's a game changer. The quality surpasses any whiteboard I've used before, and the ease of application is impressive. It's convinced me to outfit my entire home office with Think Board products.