Unmark The Walls Magic Eraser


If you love your Think Board but not the accidental marker streaks and halos on your walls, our Unmark The Walls Magic Eraser is here to the rescue! 

Perfect for:

  • Removing unsightly marks from your walls
  • Removing residual halos or streaks that occur from excessive erasing

Why you need it:

Even the best of us make mistakes. This magic eraser, combined with a touch of water, can remove marks and halos from your wall to keep your space looking pristine. 

What's included:

  • 1 Magic Eraser: Get rid of those unsightly marks and halos on your wall!

Get yours today for cleaner walls and a more satisfying Think Board experience. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jannie Mcdaniel
Decent, but Use with Caution

Decent at removing halos and streaks. However, be cautious with wall textures as it can be slightly abrasive.

Mitchel Gould
Useful for Quick Cleanups

Great for quick cleanups, but requires gentle use to avoid damaging wall surfaces.

Walker Crosby

This eraser is effective at removing marker streaks