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Big or small, whiteboards are essential in an office  whether you are brainstorming, gamestorming, taking notes, or building the next Uber. But, whiteboards are not cheap, and they sure as hell don't look that good either. We put together a package for the perfect office! We've got XL Think Boards for your walls, and medium Think Boards for your desks!

What's included:

  • 2 Think Board XL (Premium White or Premium Clear) (4'x8'):  With these whiteboards, you can leave dry erase marker on it for up to 4 months and still have it wipe away cleanly and easily. The XL size is perfect for large brainstorming sessions or getting creative. 
  • 2 Think Board Medium (Premium White or Premium Clear) (2’x3’): Our Think Board Medium offers seamless integration with any surface, ease of installation, and incredible functionality. 
  • 1 Think Board Kit: This kit includes (1) dry erase marker, (1) set of velcro dots, (1) magic cleaning cloth, and (1) squeegee.

20% OFF! - Total value ~ $719.99 for $579.99

"We love our new Think Board! We were looking for an alternative to messy white board paint but still needed the board that was large and erased well. We definitely found the best solution in Think Board! The company made it extremely easy on us and were so nice to work with - they even threw in some smaller boards for us to use on our desks - genius!! The board erases so well and we even decorated the top with our "clouds". Thank you Think Board - we will definitely be back again!" - S. Rogers

"Once we ordered our first Think Board, the idea has really caught fire in our offices. These are very convenient to put up with a little practice and have very reasonable costs compared to traditional whiteboards.  We are using the Think Boards in our executive and sales consultant offices.  Each office uses these a little differently, we have one office that has two of the largest boards stacked on top of each other, basically giving us an entire wall to be able to write on!  We have found although that moving them from one place to another (putting them up and taking them down) doesn’t work well as we did have one of the big boards refuse to stay up on the wall after moving it." - R. Lynn

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Frederic Clements
Office Must-Have

These boards are a must-have for any office. Easy to use and clean.

Laurel Griffith
Spacious and Elegant

Adds an elegant and spacious touch to the office. The large board is excellent for group discussions

Hans Russell
Good Quality, Easy Installation

High-quality boards with easy installation. The XL is especially useful for large projects

Janell Mccarthy
Functional and Spacious

The Think Board XL offers ample space for creativity, and the medium is great for personal use.

Iris Chambers
Functional but Imperfect

Great functionality, but the adhesive could be stronger.