Premium Think Board


We've upgraded everything about Think Boards.

While the Premium Think Board was first introduced in 2020, it has been tried and tested in a myriad of settings ranging from Pre-K classrooms to graduate schools and hospitals. For over two years, these boards have been transforming old chalkboards and whiteboards, bringing them new life.

Encouraged by the overwhelming positive feedback, we are now proud to make the Premium Think Board available to the public. 

Perfect for:

The upgraded Premium Think Board is perfect for individuals seeking to elevate their professional spaces with high-quality, impressive, and durable writing surfaces. Whether you're hosting a client in an office or conducting a Zoom meeting with a whiteboard in the backdrop, our Premium Think Board assures a clean and professional appearance that can't be beat.

Why you need it:

If you're seeking a whiteboard solution that stays immaculate over time, offers an unparalleled writing experience, and doesn't damage your surfaces, the Premium Think Board is an absolute necessity. Furthermore, with its proven resilience in high-demand environments such as classrooms and hospitals, our Think Board brings you the peace of mind that your whiteboard will stand the test of time and rigorous use.   

Here are some things you have to look forward to:

  • Effective Dry-Erase Marker Removal: With our Premium Think Board, you can leave dry-erase marker on the board for as long as four months, after which the marker will still come off "cleanly with just the swipe of a finger." (That's how one teacher described it after returning to her classroom after an extended period.)

  • Anti-Graffiti Properties: We've elevated the Think Board's surface to resist even the toughest stains. A prime example is that Sharpie markings begin to drip off with just a drop of rubbing alcohol, demonstrating remarkable anti-graffiti capabilities.

  • Improved Adhesive: The board's adhesive has been redesigned to be gentler on paint, while simultaneously adhering more robustly to most surfaces. Adhesive science can indeed be confusing, but we've got it figured out for you.

A Vice-Principal at a Boston high school told us last winter that one of their math teachers had been burning through whiteboard replacement products every month or so until they found Think Board.

Our Premium Think Board has been going strong in that teacher's classroom for about 4.5 years now. 

What's included:

  • 1 Premium Think Board: We carefully package our Premium Think Board for safe shipping.
  • 1 Premium Think Board Kit: This kit includes (1) cleaning cloth, (1) marker, (2) sets of Velcro dots, (1) squeegee, (1) water spray bottle (empty), and (1) Think Board sticker. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Cynthia Adams
Writes Like a Dream

Installation was a breeze and the writing experience is seamless. The glossy finish adds a premium touch to my old, outdated board.

Keith L.
A Real Asset for Presentations

This board has become an asset in our office for presentations. It's large, clear, and its sleek design adds a professional touch.

Megan L.
A Game Changer for Meetings

Since installing the Premium Think Board in our conference room, our meetings have become more interactive and productive. Its durability and clean appearance are unmatched.

Sara Davis
Amazing Upgrade

Turned our unused chalkboards into modern, sleek whiteboards. Our teachers couldn't be happier!

Emily Johnson
Almost Perfect

Love it, but had some trouble installing it. Otherwise, a great buy!