Babson College - Testimonial

Case Study: Babson College

Resurfacing Sliding Whiteboard Systems with Think Board

Location: Babson Park, Massachusetts
Date: September 2015 - March 2018
Contact: Andy Moutinho -

To demonstrate how Think Boards can refresh an entire building of whiteboards at Babson College for a fraction of the time, cost, and labor. Also, to test the longevity and durability of our films in a classroom setting. And lastly, to test the quality of Think Board vs Whiteboard Paint.

Babson’s Director of Facilities, Andy Moutinho, asked us to cover 9 whiteboards per room, in 10 classrooms, for a total of 90 boards, to test the longevity of Think Board. Response: After positive results from our first test, Babson College refinished a second building of classrooms, and continued replacing boards over the years. Any whiteboard that was still in good shape and sliding well on their whiteboard systems, but was no longer erasing, was resurfaced with a Think Board. To date, we have installed over 250 Think Boards on campus, saving the college roughly $500,000 in whiteboard replacement costs. On average, we were able to install 25 Think Boards per day. Nearly all of the Think Boards were installed in 2016, and not a single one has needed to be replaced since. We also tested Think Board vs Whiteboard Paint. Walls were painted with Whiteboard Paint at the same time as our first test in 2015, and within 2 years the Whiteboard Paint needed to be repainted, costing the school thousands of dollars. They are in the process of replacing this paint with Think Boards, as it is possible to resurface an old whiteboard paint surface with Think Boards. We continue to save Babson College money with reduced labor needed in cleaning the whiteboards as well. Babson College also was able to highlight the sustainable aspect of this.

School’s POV:
“The product is working great and saved us significant money by not having to install new whiteboards while greatly reducing the amount of time cleaning the failed boards every night. This product gives Facilities Managers another option for whiteboards and whiteboard repairs with significant cost savings.”

Most professors and faculty disliked using chalkboards and whiteboards paints. After the installation, facilities workers, professors, and the students were excited about the new boards.