NYC DOE - Testimonial

Case Study: NYC Dept Of Education

Resurfacing Chalkboards with Think Board

Location: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island
Date: August 2022 - Present
Contact: William Gladstone -

The 45 schools we partnered with in NYC's five boroughs faced identical roadblocks: outdated infrastructure, the presence of asbestos behind aging boards, and daunting costs for renovations or improvements. This situation left classrooms across the city with antiquated chalkboards or deteriorating whiteboards that were no longer functional.

In 2022, Think Board initiated a city-wide transformation to tackle these challenges. We began with a few test classrooms across schools in each borough to demonstrate the effectiveness and durability of our products. Once validated, we went on to install over 1,455 Think Boards in 2023 - ranging from our
Premium Think Board to our Magnetic Think Board products - across these schools.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Classrooms now looked not only cleaner but also brighter and more conducive to modern teaching methods. Both educators and students found the transformed learning environments to be a vast improvement to their learning spaces.

Crunching The Numbers:
Cost of traditional 4'x12' whiteboard (installed in NYC): $1,850
Cost of Think Board 4’x12' (installed): $550
Total Think Boards installed in NYC (2023): 1,455
Total cost savings (approx): $1,891,500

The Environmental Impact:
The financial savings are only part of the story. By opting to resurface existing boards, we're also making an invaluable contribution to environmental sustainability, saving countless boards from ending up in landfills. Additionally, we're minimizing new whiteboard production, reducing total carbon footprint.

The collaborative project between Think Board and 45 NYC schools in 2023 resulted in transformed educational spaces, almost 2 million dollars in savings, and a more sustainable approach to educational resources. We're excited about the positive changes we’ve made and are looking forward to extending our services to the remaining 1,800+ public schools across NYC.