Our Customers (They Love Us!)

"Once we ordered our first Think Board, the idea has really caught fire in our offices. These are very convenient to put up with a little practice and have very reasonable costs compared to traditional whiteboards.  We are using the Think Boards in our executive and sales consultant offices.  Each office uses these a little differently, we have one office that has two of the largest boards stacked on top of each other, basically giving us an entire wall to be able to write on!  We have found although that moving them from one place to another (putting them up and taking them down) doesn’t work well as we did have one of the big boards refuse to stay up on the wall after moving it." Rae L - Office Manager


"My daughter loves her Think Board!!  She is running her own little dance class on our second-floor landing.  Brilliant." Mother of Alexia C, Age 11, 6th Grade Atrium School, Watertown, MA


How can such a simple thing be such a genius idea? We put the 30x30 Think Board on our kitchen pantry (trimmed it a bit to fit) and the whole family loves it. It has quickly become our new communication hub > weekly meal planning, to do lists, notes & reminders for each other, etc... Very well thought out & the cleaner spray works very well. Definitely worth the price - I'm glad I got 2 because I'll be putting one up at my office as well. Vicki L 


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