[25% OFF] Startup Essentials Bundle

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Introducing our Startup Essentials Bundle — the affordable and high-quality whiteboard solution you need for your startup business. 

Perfect for:

  • Expansive Space: Coming with a total of three whiteboards (one XL and two medium), our essentials bundle offers ample space for jotting down your thoughts, brainstorming, and more. 
  • Versatile Use: This bundle comes with three whiteboards and all of the essential items you need to make the most of it. Whether you're working from home or taking on a new business location, our bundle will meet your various whiteboard needs. 
  • Conducive Thinking: Our whiteboards act as a tangible canvas for your ideas to flourish. This, in turn, promotes conducive thinking.

Why you need it:

Investing in your intellectual growth and development is pivotal for every emerging entrepreneur or team. Allocating funds wisely to enhance your workspace can drive creativity, productivity, and overall success. The Think Board Startup Essentials Bundle serves as a valuable asset, enabling you to visually strategize, formulate ideas, and keep track of significant details. 

What's included:

The Think Board package includes a diverse array of tools designed to optimize your ideation process:

  • 1 Think Board XL - (4'x8') - [Premium White or Premium Clear]: This board offers an expansive area for brainstorming sessions, project planning, or simply jotting down thoughts.
  • 2 Think Board Mediums (2'x3') - [Premium White or Premium Clear]: These are perfect for individual use or smaller team gatherings.
  • 1 Comprehensive Think Board Kit: This kit contains (1) magic cleaning cloth, (1) dry erase marker, (1) set of Velcro dots, and (1) squeegee. 


22% OFF! - Total value ~ $439.99 for $329.99


"I bought the Think Board Large for my boyfriend as a gift, since he's an entrepreneur. He's has been dying for something like this, always wants to write ideas everywhere when they pop into his head! He just installed it in his room and loves it! Right next to his desk and perfect for him." - S. Hart

"Truly an amazing product! I have one on every floor of my house to make sure a quick burst of creativity is not lost. It's a great product to have, since I work out of my home on the weekends. There's no better feeling than crossing them out every at the end of the day. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS PRODUCT" - T. Ryan

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laurence Moore
Entrepreneur's Dream

Ideal for any entrepreneur. Ample space for mapping out strategies, though the medium boards could be slightly larger.

Gordon Jarvis
Boosts Productivity

The bundle has significantly boosted our team's productivity. The XL board's size encourages collaboration.

Alphonso Wolfe
Perfect for Team Brainstorming

Excellent for team brainstorming sessions. The size variety is perfect for different needs.

Harry Bright
Versatile Startup Solution

Versatile and perfect for a startup environment.

Mamie Navarro
Essential for Creative Workspaces

A must-have for creative workspaces. The cleaning kit is a great addition, but additional markers would be appreciated.