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Our Student Bundle is the whiteboard solution you need, whether you're a full-time student living in a dorm or a teacher finding the best supplies for your classroom. 

Perfect for:

The Student Bundle from Think Board is perfect for enhancing the learning and studying process for students of all ages. It helps create a productive environment for tracking schedules, solving problems, and preparing for exams.

Why you need it:

Are you a student? A parent or grandparent of one? Then you've found the perfect solution.

It's not just about learning; it's about retaining that knowledge! Studies have shown that you're 75% more likely to remember something if you WRITE IT DOWN. That's why students need to physically map out their math problems, manage their hectic schedules, and sketch examples for upcoming exams  and what better place to do all this than on a Think Board?

Born in a dorm room, specifically for dorm rooms, the Think Board is the ideal companion for any student's study space. Trust us when we say it's tailor-made for a dorm!

Remember to choose between the Clear Bundle and the White Bundle to best suit your personal aesthetic.

What's included:

  • 1 Think Board Small (8”x11”) - [Clear or White]: This compact board is just the right size for solving individual math problems or jotting down critical reminders.
  • 1 Think Board Calendar (14”x14”) - [Clear or White]: Stay on top of your busy academic schedule with this easy-to-use dry erase calendar.
  • 1 Think Board Large (2’x4’) - [Clear or White]: Ideal for mind mapping, drawing diagrams, or even group brainstorming sessions.
  • 1 Think Board Kit: This kit includes (1) dry erase marker for clear writing, (1) set of Velcro dots for easy attachment, (1) cleaning cloth for effortless erasure and reuse, and (1) mini squeegee for effective long-term whiteboard cleaning. 

This Think Board Bundle has a value of $80. It's a vital addition to any student's learning environment, ensuring maximum productivity and improved memory retention.

"I am a PhD student in economics, and this is great for writing up proofs, instead of a bulky blackboard or dry erase board. The best part is that it goes right on the door, and comes off without any kind of residue. I am thinking of buying two more for my other doors. I would expect this to be great for other students who need to write down a lot of equations or problems, or for a kid's bedroom to just draw on and have fun. Anyways, definitely recommend this product! No problems I can see." - S. Stanley

“Think Board is great for differentiating instructions for kids. It is a very experiential and kinesthetic learning process for the kids. It is 10 times better for muscle memory, and the kids have so much fun using it! They see a marker and immediately think 'It's going to be fun’” - H. Cachimuel

"Bought a think board for my college dorm room- stuck it on the wall with no problems and created a space for endless doodles and signs. Definitely a conversation starter and great addition to any room, especially in college." - C. Wilmont

"I use this in my dorm room and it works perfectly as a reminder board for myself and the people I live with! I definitely recommend! I've peeled and stuck it in different places and it still sticks. Because its clear, it blends into the wall and goes unnoticeable when nothing is on it. Looks great and functional. Definitely recommend!" - P. Dvorak

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nina Haley

Great for organization

Mercedes Wiggins
A Student's Best Friend

This bundle is a student's best friend for organizing thoughts and schedules. The clear option blends well with any decor

Annmarie Alexander
Useful but Needs Improvement

The boards are useful for studying and planning, but the material feels a bit thin and prone to creasing. Also, the clear boards are slightly hard to read on certain backgrounds.

Darrin Park
Convenient and Functional

Very convenient and functional for daily college life.

Morton Colon
Essential for Students

An essential bundle for any student. Makes scheduling and studying more manageable.