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      Enter to Win The Think Board Office Brainstorming Bundle

      Enter to Win The Think Board Office Brainstorming Bundle

      Are you looking for a way to upgrade those boring, ordinary walls and desks in your office into an innovative thinking space that encourages creativity, team work, idea generation, critical thinking and more? Now with the Think Board – you can!

      The Think Board has the ability to transform any flat surface into a dry erase canvas for creativity. Turn Your Office Into a Creative Haven! Enter to Win The Think Board Office Brainstorming Bundle With Prizes Valued at Over $520 From Sept 1 - Oct 31.

      Think Board Office Brainstorming Bundle Details



      PRIZE VALUE: $520.00

        All Shapes & Sizes for Every Corner of the Office

        Place small Think Boards on desks around the office, one on the breakroom fridge or one on the office door, and leave your employees and team members encouraging messages, or reminders for upcoming meetings. Peel and stick the large Think Board on a wall everyone in the office can see, and this is where you and your team can brainstorm and think of new ideas for next quarter.

        Business Owners & Office Managers Love It

        With an increase in team work, innovative ideas, critical thinking and communication skills, it’s no wonder that business owners and office managers love the Think Board. Not to mention, they’re super inexpensive compared to white boards, and incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is find a flat surface, peel, stick and boom – your office now has a dry erase canvas for creativity. Watch your employees’ ideas bloom right in front of your eyes.

        Benefits of Having the Think Board in Your Office

        • You’ll save tons of money on paper, pens and pencils, along with thousands of pieces of paper, per office.
        • No ghosting – ever. We’ve created the highest quality dry erase film on the market. Plus, it works with every marker!
        • 100% satisfaction. If there is anything wrong with one of your boards - even the slightest defect - we'll replace it for free.

        5-year life span. We love whiteboards, and so should you, which is why we put the highest quality product in your office.

        The Ultimate Design Thinking Giveaway

        The Ultimate Design Thinking Giveaway



        • Crystal C.
        • Shelby T.
        • Jane F.
        • Heather W.
        • Jason H.

        The Ultimate Design Thinking Giveaway | Sunni Brown | Think Board


        About Sunni Brown:

        Sunni founded SB Ink over ten years ago and she continues to grow and lead it. Her cherished teachers and mentors recommended that she NOT join a monastery - to offer her work IN the world rather than outside of it - so her path led her to become an author, speaker, trainer, coach and expert meeting facilitator. She was named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” and one of the “10 Most Creative People on Twitter” by Fast Company. Her team has designed and led hundreds of group experiences in diverse industries and environments around the world. She is the best-selling author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution and she leads a global campaign advocating for visual, game, design and improvisational thinking and hosts a podcast exploring wisdom for modern life called Sunni and Wise. Her TED Talk on doodling has drawn more than a million views on TED.com and her work has been featured in every major U.S. publication including The New York Times, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, WIRED, and Entrepreneur, as well as being featured twice on the beloved CBS Sunday Morning. Sunni is an autodidact and she is trained in meditation, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and two mind-body practices called Hakomi and Internal Family Systems. All of these methods apply ancient wisdom practices to daily life, so this partially satisfies her longing for the nunnery. GrowthHackLove, her most recent start-up with Dr. Krzysztof Piekarski, helps to satisfy the rest.


        About Gamestorming:

        This is your visual-thinking games handbook and toolkit, all in one. Gamestorming is a proven approach to real-life, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done innovation. You’ll learn techniques to collaborate, communicate and effect real change at work (or anywhere, really). You’ll find out how to turn simple office supplies like sticky notes and index cards into powerful tools for change. And you’ll see how games can seriously break down barriers, amp up communication, and generate breakthrough strategies and ideas.


        About The Doodle Revolution:

        The Doodle Revolution is a prequel to Gamestorming and also a global movement unto itself. It’s an entertaining and informative romp through applied visual language for non-artists, but it also aims to radically overturn our social (mis)perceptions about doodling. To doodle is not to waste time or to be distracted. Instead, doodling is a powerful technique people use around the world to help themselves THINK. As scientists, innovators and even presidents know, doodling is a precursor to and a catalyst for deep intellectual and creative breakthroughs. This kick-starter guide for igniting and applying simple visual language to any challenge shows that our nascent capacity for visual literacy need only be unleashed in order to elevate cognitive performance instantly, at school and at work. Together, we’ll put the DO in Doodle and liberate Doodlers everywhere. Sign the Doodle Revolutionary’s Manifesto and Viva la Revolución!


        About Visual Note-taking 101:

        Because we live in an intensely verbal culture, chances are we’ll be taking some kind of notes at work and at school for the rest of our lives. (Groan.) Many of us try and tackle this note-taking challenge by using a laptop, but studies show that typing notes is less effective than taking notes by hand and MUCH less effective than taking visual notes by hand. And…surprise! Taking notes can actually be enjoyable when you teach yourself how to use simple visual language combined with the written word. Tracking verbal content and weaving in images, color, shapes, typography and tools like word-pictures increases attention and engagement, improves the way you process and integrate information and dramatically increases your level of retention. (Our content recall can be 29% higher when we actively produce visual information.) There’s no need to suffer through note-taking that works against the natural structure of the brain. Learn how to take notes that you can actually use (and appreciate). Artistic talent not required.


        About Think Board:

        Use Think Boards to keep a shopping list on the fridge, coordinate the family calendar, organize your thoughts, and even let your kids draw on the walls! Useful for college dorms, office spaces, student desks, kids’ playrooms, rec rooms, and even your refrigerator door.