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  • Think Board Work From Home Bundle

    What Is a Think Board?

    What is a Think Board, and how does it differ from other whiteboard solutions? Learn more about our innovative whiteboard brand, our high-quality products, and why you should choose us for your home, office, or classroom.
  • a Premium Magnetic Think Board in a classroom

    How To Make a Whiteboard Magnetic

    Having a magnetic whiteboard comes with many benefits, including a more interactive environment and increased space efficiency. Learn how the Magnetic Whiteboard Resurfacing kit from Think Board can take your classroom, office, dorm room, or home to the next level and why we're the best whiteboard magnetization option.
  • a whiteboard for home walls that shows signs of ghosting

    Home Office Whiteboard Not Erasing? Try Whiteboard Resurfacing and Premium Whiteboard Films with Think Board

    If your home office whiteboard is showing signs of ghosting or no longer erasing completely, whiteboard resurfacing may be the solution you're looking for. Unlike the various "hacks" available to temporarily fix the problem, whiteboard resurfacing is an affordable long-term solution. Learn how Think Board can help.