What Is a Think Board?

Have you ever found yourself in need of a space to jot down your ideas, plan your week, or collaborate with others, only to find that traditional whiteboards don't quite cut it?

Enter Think Board, a revolutionary product that's changing the way we think about writable surfaces. From the humble beginnings in a college dorm room to saving school districts hundreds of thousands of dollars, Think Board's story is one of innovation, determination, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best dry erase solution.

What exactly is Think Board, and how did it evolve from a simple idea into a global sensation? What sets it apart from traditional whiteboards, and how can it transform your classroom, office, or even your entire home? In this article, we'll explore the history, uniqueness, and wide-ranging applications of Think Board, giving you an inside look at this game-changing product.

Whether you're an educator looking to revitalize your classroom, a business professional seeking a versatile collaborative tool, or simply curious about this innovative whiteboard solution, join us as we peel back the layers of Think Board and discover what makes it the whiteboard resurfacing company that's capturing the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

What Is a Think Board?

A Think Board is more than a product; it's a creative solution for your whiteboard needs. With Think Board, we create dry erase films that turn any surface into a whiteboard — just peel and stick. You can bring creativity and organization to your walls, desk, door, fridge, classroom, or entire office. It's more than a brand; it's an innovative way to express yourself without limitations.

Our goal is to be the leading dry erase solution in every home, office, and classroom worldwide. We're here to transform the way you write, plan, and collaborate. 

Here are just a few things to look forward to when you choose Think Board:

  • Turns any smooth surface into a writing surface
  • Helps with brainstorming, note-taking, organization, and creativity
  • Peels-and-sticks over old whiteboard or chalkboard surfaces for easy application
  • Comes in both Clear and White options
  • Never peels paint off the wall or leaves sticky residue behind

Additionally, some Think Board products are scannable so you can easily save content from the whiteboard onto a device. Think Board is also proud to offer custom designs and logos on our products. 

a Think Board in use while hanging on a wall

Think Board History

Founded in New York, Think Board has made significant strides in the world of dry erase solutions.

It all started out of a dorm room at Babson College. Think Board was born from the need for a space to jot down business ideas and stay organized without the ability to drill holes or paint the walls. What resulted was a dry erase film that was easy to install, looked beautiful, and worked perfectly.

Our founder, Hanson, originally used the first version of Think Board to write down business ideas, but soon enough, friends recognized its potential. The journey began after hearing comments like, "Hanson, your ideas aren't that great... BUT this thing... this is cool. Where can I get one?" 

Today, Think Board spends much of its time speaking to schools and mentoring student entrepreneurs. Many students resonate with our team's own recent journey through education. We have all our products available online, many of which are designed with dorm rooms and home study spaces in mind. But their real impact lies in the value added to entire school districts and office/coworking spaces.

A Think Board whiteboard being used in a classroom setting

Who Is Think Board Designed For? 

Anyone and everyone! At Think Board, we create whiteboard solutions with you and your writing, drawing, or brainstorming needs in mind. Our primary product categories include the following: 

  • Classroom: We have saved public and private schools hundreds of thousands of dollars with our eco-friendly and cost-effective whiteboard solution. In addition to being cheaper than typical classroom whiteboard replacements, Think Board gives you the opportunity to resurface your existing whiteboards and even turn other surfaces — like desks — into dry erase writing surfaces. 
  • Home: Think Board has a variety of whiteboard solutions for your home. Whether you're a creative who needs extra space to create, work from home, or want to start leaving cute (reusable) sticky notes around the house for your significant other, our product selection has you covered. 
  • Office: Our variety of whiteboard products for the office are designed to help you be more productive every day. These products are affordable, easy to install and use, and spacious enough for all your brainstorming, note-taking, and presentation-giving needs.

    Think Board's innovation goes beyond the surface. It's a blend of quality, functionality, and design that promises to redefine your space, whether in a classroom, office, or home. Embrace the future of writing with Think Board, where every surface is an opportunity to create.

    View our extensive product collection and learn more about whiteboard resurfacing

    a Think Board film being used on a table top

    What Makes Think Board Different from Regular Whiteboards?

    No Staining or Ghosting

    Unlike traditional whiteboards, Think Board products are designed to resist staining or ghosting. Write, erase, and write again without any lingering marks or shadows.

    Ease of Application

    The beauty of Think Board lies in its easy application process. Peel and stick to virtually any surface, no complicated setup required.

    Innovative Product Designs

    From magnetic to customizable sizes, Think Board products come with innovative designs to suit individual needs.

    No Damage to Your Wall or Paint

    Traditional whiteboards may damage walls or paint, but Think Board leaves no trace behind. Enjoy writing and brainstorming without worrying about your walls.

    someone drawing art on a Think Board white board

    Where Can You Use Think Board Products?


    Enhance learning environments with Think Board. Convert unused chalkboards into modern, writable surfaces.


    Revitalize office spaces by turning walls and desks into collaborative areas with Think Board whiteboard films.


    From kitchen reminders to children's creativity corners, Think Board provides a perfect whiteboard solution for every home.

    On the Go

    Need to brainstorm while traveling? Think Board has you covered with portable solutions that cater to on-the-go needs.

    a teacher using a Think Board clipboard

    What's the Difference Between a “Think Board” and a “think board”?

    Confused? Well, a "think board" (lower case) often refers to a mathematical or visual learning concept, a tool used to map out thoughts or solve problems. A Think Board, on the other hand, is a brand that specializes in whiteboard resurfacing, offering innovative products to enhance creativity and collaboration. And, yes, you can use your Think Board to create a think board. ;)

    Think Board Is the Whiteboard Solution You've Been Waiting For

    Whether it's in a school, office, or at home, Think Board offers a unique, quality, and innovative approach to whiteboard solutions. From ease of application to aesthetic designs, Think Board stands out as a versatile and modern approach to writing surfaces.

    Explore the possibilities with Think Board and redefine the way you write, plan, and collaborate. Say goodbye to traditional limitations and embrace the future with Think Board. Your wall (or desk or table), your way!

    a Think Board Calendar being used on a table
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