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    What Is a Think Board?

    What is a Think Board, and how does it differ from other whiteboard solutions? Learn more about our innovative whiteboard brand, our high-quality products, and why you should choose us for your home, office, or classroom.
  • a woman standing in front of a dirty, stained whiteboard

    Wondering if WD-40 is the Best Fix for Your Whiteboard? Think Again!

    Is your old whiteboard showing signs of ghosting or staining? Many people jump straight to WD-40 to clean their whiteboards, but there is a better (less damaging) option: whiteboard resurfacing with Think Board.
  • a Premium Magnetic Think Board in a classroom

    How To Make a Whiteboard Magnetic

    Having a magnetic whiteboard comes with many benefits, including a more interactive environment and increased space efficiency. Learn how the Magnetic Whiteboard Resurfacing kit from Think Board can take your classroom, office, dorm room, or home to the next level and why we're the best whiteboard magnetization option.
  • Top image: Cork board, Bottom image: Whiteboard resurfacing

    How To Convert a Cork Board into a Whiteboard

    Cork boards and whiteboards both have valuable roles to play in the classroom, office, or home. However, whiteboards have a few key advantages. Learn the best ways to convert your cork board into a whiteboard and why Think Board's resurfacing sheets might be the solution you need.
  • a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with ghosting

    Why You Should Avoid Cheap Whiteboard Resurfacing Sheets and Choose Think Board

    Whiteboard resurfacing is an affordable and eco-friendly way to prolong your whiteboard's life. However, not all whiteboard resurfacing sheets are created equal. Learn what to look for in a good whiteboard resurfacing solution, and discover how Think Board can help.