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      2018 Calendar: How to Make This Your Most Productive Year Yet

      2018 Calendar: How to Make This Your Most Productive Year Yet

      2018 – this is going to be your most productive year yet! Or, wait… is that what you told yourself last year? It’s time to stop saying you’re going to be productive and start actually being productive! We’re saying it now: the 2018 calendar year is going to be your most productive one yet.

      With a New Year comes new opportunities, fresh ideas, a clean slate and a renewed goal to increase our impact. It’s also a good time to reflect on the past year and think about what you could’ve done to make it more productive.

      So, are you ready to make this year the most productive one yet? If you need a little help, the Think Board team has got you covered. Here are the best tips and tricks so you can make the 2018 calendar year your most productive year yet.

      Go in With a Positive Mindset

      Your mindset has the power to make or break any situation. How we think about our challenges makes a difference about how we can tackle them. If you go in with a negative mindset, you’re likely to have a negative outcome. But if you go in with a positive mindset and positive thoughts, you’re most likely to see positive results.

      The power of positive thinking is truly amazing. Write down a positive or motivational message to yourself on your Think Board and keep it somewhere you can see every morning. This way, every time you wake up and see your positive message, you already have a positive start to your day.

      One Word: Prioritize!

      When you’re working this 2018 calendar year, make sure you’re prioritizing your work. But first, you can’t prioritize anything unless you have an end goal. You need to know what you want to achieve at the end of the day, week, month, the year or even five years from now.

      We suggest writing down your top three priorities on the Think Board in your home, office or wherever you feel the most creative. While you’re writing down these top three tasks, write down the time frame in which you need them completed by. Resist the urge of writing every small task down, and just stick to the bigger tasks. This will allow you to look at the bigger picture.

      Make a Bucket List

      It always feels nice to have something to look forward too, whether that’s an upcoming vacation or job promotion. We encourage you to write a list of 100 life goals (on your large Think Board so you have plenty of room) you want to achieve. This way, there’s always something to look forward to.

      You can even make this bucket list everything you want to do in the 2018 calendar year. Daydreaming is actually a lot better for your productivity than you think!

      Have Your 2018 Calendar on Display

      Have your calendar somewhere where you see it multiple times a day. Write down your most important tasks on that day; This will help you eliminate other distractions and really focus on what’s important.

      Start your day by tackling your most important task. Once you’ve scratched off the task from your calendar, you’ll feel instant gratification and like you’ve conquered the day. Isn’t being productive fun?

      Need more help making 2018 your most productive year yet? Our awesome Think Board products can help! Use our Think Board calendar to set your goals for specific days. You can turn any part of your home or office into a creative workspace with our clear or white peel-and-stick whiteboard.

      For a limited time, you can get 20% off all Think Board products with our Orderly Office Sale! Use code NYR2018 at checkout. Hurry before products sell out!


      New Year's Resolution: 8 Things That Will Actually Keep You Organized In 2018

      New Year's Resolution: 8 Things That Will Actually Keep You Organized In 2018

      “This is the year,” you tell yourself. “This is the year I’m going to stay organized and on top of my work! Most of us make our New Year’s resolution to stay organized, but it’s so easy to get off track and become unorganized. But not this year! We’re determined to help you make 2018 your most organized and productive year yet. It could be as simple as adding an organizer to your desk or as high-tech as letting an app help organize your day.

      We know how easy it can be to lose steam on your New Year’s Resolution – but not this year. With organizers and those not-so-organized in mind, we’ve crafted a blog about 8 things that will actually keep you organized in 2018.

      Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Staying Organized Just Got Easier

      Stay Organized at Work

      No one likes working at a desk covered in clutter. If you need to tidy up your desk and office, use this adjustable natural wood desktop organizer. You can store books, plants, your stapler, coffee mugs or any other desk knickknacks here.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized at Home, School, Work or Anywhere

      Looking for a way to stay organized and productive? Do you have a flat surface nearby? Well, then you’re in luck. The Think Board is a clear (or white), peel-and-stick whiteboard that you can stick anywhere that has a clean, dry, flat surface. Write down your goals, to-do list or motivational quotes to keep you organized and motivated no matter where you are.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized in the Kitchen

      We all know how easy it is for our kitchen counters to become cluttered. Whether it’s food, the coffee machine or cups, and plates, there always seems to be clutter. Tidy up your kitchen with this stackable cup and plate organizer. Display this next to your coffee machine for a tidy and cute coffee station.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized on Paper

      If you struggle with time management and productivity and are also looking for a way to increase your passion, drive, and happiness, check out the Deluxe Law of Attraction Success Planner. This planner really has it all.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized with Your Jewelry

      Does your dresser have rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets scattered all over it? It may be time to invest in a jewelry organizer. We love this modern jewelry box because it provides your precious jewelry with a safe place to stay, while also organizing your room and giving it a modern touch.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized in Your Living Room

      Modern décor is all about keeping things clean and simple. But how are you supposed to make your living room modern-looking if it’s filled with lamps, shelves, and knickknacks everywhere? With this shelf floor lamp, you can place everything in one place: a floor lamp, shelves, and knickknacks.

      Shop here. 

      Stay Organized on Your Phone

      We’re also on our phone, so why aren’t we utilizing it to help us organize our lives? The Todoist app that helps you organize your lists so you can stay organized and up-to-date with your daily, weekly or monthly tasks. The app is available for Android or iPhone.

      Download here. 

      Stay Organized with This Computer Bag

      Most people cram their computer, charger, phone, planner, water bottle and headphones into a tiny old backpack because they struggle to find a computer bag that will fit everything and is stylish. Well, look no further. This computer bag is everything you’ve hoped for and more.

      Shop here. 

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