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      Enter to Win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway

      Enter to Win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway

      What if we told you there was another fun way to engage students, improve test scores, save paper and increase efficiency in the classroom? Say hello to your new best friend – Think Board Dry Erase Desks! The Think Board converts traditional, boring desks into dry erase canvases for creativity. From May 22 to June 16, you can enter to win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway for a chance to win a Think Board 24 classroom pack (a $350 value!).

      Having a Think Board Dry Erase Desk benefits both the students and the teachers. Instead of throwing out old desks, simply place the Think Board on them and boom – they’re a brand-new canvas for students to learn and express their creativity. Not to mention, you’ll be saving TONS of money on paper.

      All Shapes & Sizes

      Don’t worry about the Think Board Classroom Pack not fitting on your classroom’s desks. We have stock sizes for the standard desk, but we can also do other shapes and sizes!

      Teachers Love It

      With an increase in classroom engagement, test scores and the students’ knowledge of the subject, teachers love everything about the Think Board Dry Erase Desks!

      “Think Board is great for differentiating instructions for kids. It is 10 times better for muscle memory, and the kids have so much fun using it! They see a marker and immediately think 'It's going to be fun’”

      -Holly Cachimuel. 7th Grade Teacher. Watertown MA

      Students Love It

      Students love the Think Board because it turns their regular old school desk, into a creative workspace. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor. Students love the freedom of writing on their desks, and are more than excited to learn!

      Benefits of Having Think Board Dry Erase Desks

      • Taking old school desks and bringing them into the 21st century, not the landfill. Also, you'll save thousands of pieces of paper, per classroom.
      • No ghosting – ever. We’ve created the highest quality dry erase film on the market. Plus, it works with every marker!
      • 100% satisfaction. If there is anything wrong with one of your boards - even the slightest defect - we'll replace it for free.
      • 5-year life span. We love whiteboards, and so should you, which is why we put the highest quality product in your classrooms.

      We’re so confident that you’re going to fall in love with the Think Board Dry Erase Desks that your first classroom is on us! 

      5 Awesome Office Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

      5 Awesome Office Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

      Office supplies have the power to enhance every office and work area! Not to mention, they help increase your creativity. it’s difficult trying to work in a space that is cluttered and unorganized, which is why office supplies are the unsung hero of the work place. If you’re looking to dress up your office, but don’t want to break the bank, try out these five awesome office supplies you didn’t know you needed until now.

      1. Spaceman USB Light

      Image via store.moma.org.

      Bring this cute little guy into any workspace to brighten things up! This tiny spaceman receives power from your USB port to illuminate your desk with an LED light. Flip the little lunar explorer’s visor back and forth to turn the light on and off. The flexible cord can be adjusted so you can position the light wherever it’s needed. Buy here.

      2. The Think Board

      If your office has an old, dirty and outdated white board, it’s time to upgrade to a Think Board! The Think Board is a light-weight, inexpensive, peel-and-stick dry-erase board that allows you to turn any surface into a creative workspace! Not to mention, a Think Board can last up to 10 years without ghosting like your typical white board. Customize your Think Board any size you want! Shop all Think Board products here.

      3. Cable Box Organizer

      Photo via Amazon.com

      Organize your desk or office, and cover your wires in style with the E-BOX. This power cable box is great to organize and hide cables from your desk, TV and computer. Not to mention its super sleek design will give your office a modern edge. Shop the E-BOX cable organizer here. 

      4. Tabletop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

      Photo via Brookstone.com

      This desktop cool mist humidifier is the office supplies you’ve been looking for. Cleanse the air in your workspace, and get rid of dry sinuses, dry skin and cracked lips with this tiny cool mist humidifier. This light-weight humidifier is easy to move, and is ultra-quiet so you’ll have no distractions during work hours. Buy here. 

      5. Generic Mini USB Fridge

      Image via Amazon.com

      Two words: mini fridge! These office supplies bring fun into any workspace. This mini USB fridge requires no driver and is easy to install. Easily powered by your USB port, no batteries are required for this mini fridge. Keep your favorite can of soda cool, and ready-to-drink at all times! Buy here. 

      Whiteboard Desks For The Classroom!

      Whiteboard Desks For The Classroom!

      Converting Your Desks Into Whiteboard Desks!

      Thinking about turning your desks into whiteboard desks? Great idea! We see students and teachers light up with excitement every time we come do an install - that's why working in education is one of our passions :) As education moves in the direction of "project-based learning" and "flipped classrooms," converting traditional school desks into whiteboard desks has become more demanded across the board. Whiteboard desks are highly recommended by every teacher we work with. Here's why:

      More Engagement With In-Class Activities.

      Students love whiteboards and prefer to work on a whiteboard over paper any day of the week. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor.

      Higher Test Scores

      With an increase in class engagement, test scores and the students’ knowledge of the subject will naturally increase. Teachers love the ability to quickly gauge how each student is performing. Also, since everything is dry erase, teachers are able to quickly correct students’ misspellings or errors with the swipe of a finger.

      Save Paper!

      With the ability to avoid paper for in-class activities, you could save roughly 50% of the paper currently consumed.

      Increased Efficiency in the Classroom

      There is no longer a need to pass out those old clunky whiteboards for in-class activities! Just grab your Expo marker and start collaborating :)

      More Fun!

      We don't get it. We really don't. But every time we see students interact with their whiteboard desks, we notice they proactively want to do math problems and conjugate verbs! Students love the freedom to write on the desk and are excited to learn!


      Here's an unbiased quote from Ms. Venturino - a teacher who made her own from Home Depot supplies.

      "With my new desks, not only is writing more pleasant but also it has brightened up my classroom. Since we did this in January 2017, I’ve used them multiple times with students. They’ve brainstormed for projects and given peer feedback (in a different color), drawn diagrams of science concepts, and reflected on their work. 
      My favorite part of it is that students can quickly do a gallery walk to see their peers’ work and add in comments and feedback in a different color marker. When they’re all done, they take a picture and we erase the desks."
      And here is a teacher's reaction after we installed our Think Board films onto her desks!
      And lastly, here's a quick video of our team converting this classroom into a whiteboard/Think Board classroom! (We covered the entire school!)
      Interested in learning more? Visit our page here, or shoot us an email at education@think-board.com!

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