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      Think Board: The Whiteboard That Will Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

      Think Board: The Whiteboard That Will Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

      The whiteboard: it used to be in every classroom, office and workspace, but now it’s outdated, difficult to clean, hard to move and not to mention - they’re expensive! If you’re looking for something that will last indefinitely, is easy to clean and simple to install –  the answer is the Think Board!

      The Think Board vs. The Whiteboard

      The Think Board is similar to the whiteboard because it allows you to have a clear visual of anything you write down, including a message to coworkers, your daily to-do list, or weekly goals. But the Think Board is better than the whiteboard because you can virtually turn any flat surface into a creative workspace with our peel-and-stick dry-erase board!

      Just peel and stick the Think Board to any flat, smooth surface and – boom! – You’ve got yourself a reusable writing surface that will encourage creativity and increase productivity. Take your Think Board down whenever you’d like; it won’t damage the surface you applied it to, and there will be no sticky residue!

      The Think Board’s Lifetime

      After a couple of years, the whiteboard becomes stained with a black tint from markers, the corners begin to crumble, and it just becomes a huge eyesore for the room. The Think Board is great because it lasts 10 years without ghosting, or any sign of wear and tear! No matter if choose from the clear Think Board, or the white Think Board – there will be no sign of ugly stains.

      The Cost of the Think Board vs. The Whiteboard

      If you’ve ever tried to buy a large, or extra-large version of the whiteboard online, we’re sorry for your pain. The whiteboard can be extremely expensive, and they’re limited to certain sizes. On Amazon, a 4’x8’ whiteboard sells for around $315-$400! And if you read carefully, most of the whiteboards say “best for light use in personal or low-traffic environments.” What?! Why would you want to buy a whiteboard at that cost if you, and everyone else in the office couldn’t use it every day?

      Don’t worry because the Think Board is here to help! Our Premium Think Boards are much less expensive, and we can customize your Think Board to whatever size you want! We can do sizes up to 4.5 feet x ANYTHING! We’ve set up an 18 foot Think Board in our office before and it’s awesome!

      If you’re ready to say goodbye to the whiteboard, and welcome the Think Board in your life, visit our online store today. Give the Think Board one shot, and you (and your wallet) won’t regret it!

      For a limited time - Buy a Think Board & Get a FREE Calendar ($24.99 Value)! No coupon code required. Shop Think Board products here.

      7 Productivity Tips to Make 2017 Your Most Productive Year Yet

      7 Productivity Tips to Make 2017 Your Most Productive Year Yet

      Do you ever find yourself swamped with work? Can you never catch a break because your to-do list just keeps growing? We know how hard it can be to balance work, a social life, and a healthy lifestyle. We also know it can be tough to keep up with all the new trending productivity tips out there, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite. These productivity tips will help you make better use of your time, and get the most out of your day! Here are 7 productivity tips to make 2017 your most productive year yet.

      Productivity Tips for a Productive Year

      1. Wake Up Early

      It’s proven that your mornings can either make or break your day. Getting a head start to your day will give you the boost you need to power through the day, and be your most productive self. While your bed may seem so comfortable in the morning, you’re wasting your time just lying there prolonging the day ahead. Start with getting up 15 minutes earlier every day, and gradually set your alarm earlier every morning.

      1. Write Down Your Goals

      You can simply start by writing down your priorities and weekly goals every Sunday night or Monday morning. On your Think Board, jot down your biggest goal for the week. That way every time you look at your Think Board you’ll be reminded of your goal, and you’ll be more likely to accomplish it. Review your goals at the end of every day and ask yourself if you accomplished what you wanted to.

      1. Put Your Smartphone Away

      This is one of the most important productivity tips out there. You may not realize it, but your phone is your biggest distraction. The best thing to do is turn the ringer off, and put your phone somewhere where you can’t see it or reach out. As they say – “out of sight, out of mind.” Limit the time you check your phone and social media throughout the day. You’ll realize how much productive your day is without your phone constantly in your hand.

      1. Plan Ahead & Categorize Your To-Do List

      Did you know that when your check something off on your to-do list, your brain releases dopamine, which gives you an extra boost and desire to check more items off – more checking = more getting stuff done! Yay! Rearrange your goals every week to make sure you allow yourself time to address your top priorities.

      Productivity Tips - Make a To-Do List

      1. Work in a Productive Space

      More and more people are starting to work from home, which is great because you don’t have to spend hours sitting in morning commute traffic. But for some people, working from home also presents more distractions through the work day. No matter if you’re working from your home or office, make sure you have a clean and organized space where you can be productive.

      1. Use Checklists

      When you’re feeling overworked or don’t even know where to begin, make a simple checklist to keep you on track. The Think Board is the perfect platform for you to jot down your daily, weekly or even monthly checklist. Checklists are one of our favorite productivity tips, and they are a great way to stay on track, and get ahead of the game.

      1. Don’t Procrastinate

      Write this nice and big on your Think Board – DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Instead of prolonging the task, tackle it head on and get it done right away. Don’t keep putting it off. Just do it. That way your work never piles up, and you won’t be dreading the task all day long. When you’re feeling the tug of procrastination, look at your to-do list and weekly goals to keep you on track.

      We know work can be hectic at times, but these productivity tips are sure to keep you on track and on top of your weekly goals! Use the Think Board to jot down quick to-do lists and you’ll never fall behind again. Shop all of our Think Board products here.

      Cupid's Cup 2017: Think Board Competes in The Nation’s Toughest Business Competition

      Cupid's Cup 2017: Think Board Competes in The Nation’s Toughest Business Competition

      On Feb. 6, Think Board and other competing startups from the nation’s top universities, business schools and entrepreneurship centers are coming together with one goal in mind – to win the 2017 Cupid’s Cup.

      This year’s Cupid’s Cup’s semi-finals are located at Under Armour’s global headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Kevin Plank, Founder & CEO of Under Armour, is looking for the nation’s most innovative young entrepreneurs to compete in the 2017 Cupid’s Cup.

      The 12 remaining startups, including Think Board, have been hand-selected from hundreds of applicants to advance to the 2017 semi-finals. The semi-finalists will travel from all over the world to present their businesses to the Cupid’s Cup judges, who are a group of established investors and entrepreneurship experts.

      The top five startups from the semi-finals will advance to the Cupid’s Cup finals on March 30, at the Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

      The winner of the 2017 Cupid’s Cup will win the grand prize of more than $100,000 in cash prizes, access to Kevin Plank’s professional network and the respected title of Cupid’s Cup champion.

      Think Board’s creator, Hanson Grant from Babson College, will be presenting the Think Board to esteemed judges at the 2017 Cupid’s Cup.

      Cupid’s Cup brings together the top young entrepreneurial and innovative minds in the country, and inspires the community of college students and recent graduates who have followed Under Armour’s Founder and CEO Kevin Plank’s lead by following their dreams, and starting their own companies.

      For more information about the 2017 Cupid’s Cup, visit http://www.cupidscup.com. For more about Think Board, please visit https://www.think-board.com.

      My Dallas Mommy Blog Features Think Board

      My Dallas Mommy Blog Features Think Board

      This falls into the “why didn’t I think of this?” category. It’s called the “Think-Board”. Basically, it’s a dry erase board anywhere you need in your house! Consider it an option for anyone to write down ideas on a clear, removable, dry erase film.

      Just peel and stick wherever you need or when the creativity flows. I have been using mine on the fridge for groceries. My hubby is now using one on his desk to keep quick notes during conference calls. Ava doodles on the fridge now at will and I have one on my son’s desk so he can write on the table and not feel bad about it, while also studying.

      It’s also a great option for your kids to just doodle on and it’s so easy to erase and start over. What’s great is that its not like a white board that takes space! Sizes start at 8 1/2×11 inch, but go all the way up to 8 feet in length, ideal for offices or just really big ideas and there are no nails or drilling involved!

      Think-Board comes in three sizes: 8-1/2” x 11” ($17.49), 30” x 30” ($24.99) and 54” x 30” ($29.99). It also comes in two sizes of monthly calendars. Each kit includes an Expo marker, spray bottle, squeegee (for installation), a set of Velcro dots (to attach the marker), and an instruction card on Think-Board.com.

      Thanks Think Board for letting us review a few 8 1/2x101Think Boards. This post is my own opinion and not influenced.


      Source: MyDallasMommy.com

      Think Board Featured in Rebates Zone Holiday Gift Guide

      Think Board Featured in Rebates Zone Holiday Gift Guide

      The New Year’s Eve is just round the corner and most people have already made extensive plans for it. Some parties are in mid preparation, others have already started deciding to make it a 24 hour event. But, what really makes a New Year’s Eve memorable. Is it the noise, the fireworks, the camaraderie, that special someone? There is no single answer, and we will not attempt to make one.


      In the end, it is up to you, do you want to enter the next year with friends, family, partner, or all of NY. Think on how you want to wake up the next day and plan backwards from there. After all, is the journey really important if you are going to wake up feeling terrible? But, let us close our idea parade and come to the point: you want some cool New Year's Eve gift ideas and we are here to provide them: Ta da!


      Are you thinking of opening a new company? Or do you have kids who like to be creative? Well, in either case this Think Board Kit will convert any flat surface into a sort of white board. It consists of a clear dry erase sheet that will stick to most surfaces and provide you the space you need to draw out your brainstorming sessions. When you are finished simply remove it and take it to your next destination. The package includes a marker, spray bottle, squeegee, Velcro, and an instructions booklet.