8"x11" Add On


An Exceptional Note-Taking Alternative:

Introducing our Think Board 8" x 11" Add On. This innovative product serves as an excellent alternative to both traditional sticky notes and full-sized whiteboards. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for capturing notes, brainstorming ideas, managing school work, and more.

Perfect for:

Our 8" x 11" Think Board is perfect for:

  • Educational Pursuits: Students can conveniently use it to jot down lecture notes or work out complex equations.
  • Business Use: Professionals can utilize it for brainstorming sessions, project planning, or as a to-do list for a visual reminder of tasks.
  • Creative Outlets: Artists and creatives can use it as a canvas for spontaneous ideas or thought organization.

Why You Need It:

The Think Board melds the benefits of sticky notes and whiteboards, while eliminating the downsides of each. Unlike sticky notes, it won't leave a residue, and it offers significantly more space to write. In contrast to full-sized whiteboards, our 8" x 11" Think Board is portable and flexible. Its reusability promotes a more sustainable note-taking method, and the clear design ensures it seamlessly fits any decor.


  • 1 Think Board (8" x 11")