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Our parents LOVE their Think Boards — and so do our customers! Find out why our home dry erase board kit will be the perfect addition to your home.

Perfect for:

The Think Board Home Bundle is a versatile tool beloved by our customers and their families alike. Ideal for any household context, the Think Board Home Bundle is a multifaceted communication tool that fosters organization and engagement. It's the perfect solution for so many different kinds of activities:

  • Managing to-do lists
  • Streamlining shopping tasks
  • Planning events
  • Providing an enjoyable distraction for your children or partner

This bundle can transform your home into an interactive and productive environment.

Why you need it:

In the fast-paced, modern world, maintaining order and communication within the family can be challenging. The Think Board Home Bundle facilitates this by offering a physical platform to streamline daily tasks, manage schedules, and even provide a space for creative expression. This tangible reminder of tasks and schedules can significantly reduce stress and ensure a smooth household operation. Its versatility and functionality make it a highly appreciated gift for families or friends.

What's included:

The comprehensive Think Board Home Bundle includes the following:

  • 1 Think Board Small (8”x11”) - [Clear or White]: This is suitable for jotting down quick notes or tasks.
  • 1 Think Board Calendar (14”x14”) - [Clear or White]: Our calendar is an ideal tool for tracking family events and scheduling reminders.
  • 2 Think Board Mediums (2’x3’) - [Clear or White]: These are perfect for more expansive note-taking or for engaging the children in educational activities.
  • 1 Inclusive Think Board Kit: This kit contains (1) magic cleaning cloth, (1) dry erase marker, (1) set of Velcro dots, and (1) mini squeegee.

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    "How can such a simple thing be such a genius idea? We put the 30x30 Think Board on our kitchen pantry (trimmed it a bit to fit) and the whole family loves it. It has quickly become our new communication hub > weekly meal planning, to do lists, notes & reminders for each other, etc... Very well thought out & the cleaner spray works very well. Definitely worth the price - I'm glad I got 2 because I'll be putting one up at my office as well." - R. Vicki 

    "My daughter loves her Think Board!!  She is running her own little dance class on our second-floor landing. Brilliant." - A. Caillet

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Dario Mcdonald
    Perfect Family Organizer

    Ideal for keeping the family organized. Love the size variety, especially the medium boards for kids' activities.

    Cory Vang
    Versatile and Engaging

    A versatile and engaging way to keep the family in sync. The small board is perfect for quick reminders.

    Coleman Yoder
    Effective Home Communication Tool

    Effective for enhancing communication at home. The calendar is particularly useful, though a bit small.

    Monty Brennan
    Essential for Busy Homes

    A must-have for any busy household. It's great for everything from grocery lists to kids' drawings.

    Eliseo Mooney
    Creative and Organizational

    Transforms the home into a creative and organized space. Just wish there were more color options for the markers.