[30% OFF] Work from Home Bundle

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Working from home can be a struggle, but our Work From Home Bundle is here to make your workday easier and more streamlined. 

Perfect for:

This bundle is perfect for transforming any space in your home into an efficient and organized work-from-home paradise.

Why you need it:

When the shift to remote work was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we crafted this bundle to facilitate a smooth transition into productive at-home workspaces. Well, it looks like Work From Home is here to stay for a little while longer, so we've enhanced this bundle with our newly launched "Think Notes," delivering an improved work-from-home (WFH) experience.

Choose from the Clear Bundle or the White Bundle to perfectly blend with your home décor!

What's included:

  • A 12-Pack of "Think Notes" Reusable Sticky Notes: Newly launched and part of our exclusive bundle, these reusable notes are great for quickly jotting down ideas, reminders, or key points during a virtual meeting.
  • 1 Think Board Medium (2'x3') - [Clear or White]: Ideal for brainstorming, project planning, or even for sketching diagrams, this medium-sized board ensures that your workspace stays organized, fostering productivity.
  • 1 Think Board Calendar (14"x14") - [Clear or White]: This calendar helps you stay on top of your work schedule, deadlines, or important meeting dates, ensuring that your work-from-home life is well-coordinated.
  • 2 Magic Cloths: With two of these cloths included, you can effortlessly wipe away your old notes and start fresh. They are specifically designed for use with the Think Board products, ensuring no smudges or stains remain.
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker: A high-quality marker is included, ensuring that your writing is bold, clear, and easy to read from any distance in your workspace.
  • 1 Set of Velcro Dots: Use these Velcro dots to attach the marker and cleaning cloth. 
  • 1 Mini Squeegee: This is a useful tool for keeping your whiteboard clean over the long term. 

Offering an impressive value of $88, this Think Board Bundle is an essential asset for any work-from-home setup, making your remote work experience as efficient and organized as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Phil Butler
Stylish and Functional

Stylish and functional. The Think Notes are a standout feature.

Stacey Lin
WFH Game Changer

This bundle has significantly improved my WFH experience. Would love more color options in markers.

Jonathon Blackwell
Compact Efficiency

Fits perfectly in my small home office. The Think Notes are brilliant!

Buster Ashley
Elevated Home Workspaces

A fantastic set that elevates any home workspace. The reusable sticky notes are a highlight, offering a sustainable way to jot down ideas. The Think Board is great for planning, though it could be a bit more durable. Overall, a worthwhile investment for remote workers.

Ursula Hobbs
Great for Organization

Really helps with staying organized.