"Think Notes" Reusable Sticky Notes


Endless Reminders, One Solution

Revolutionize the way you note-take with Think Notes. Say goodbye to the clutter of paper stickies and hello to our vibrant, reusable Think Notes. Perfect for quick thoughts, to-do lists, or heartfelt messages, these notes are your go-to for capturing ideas in a flash. Stick them on any smooth surface and see how your notes pop with our eye-catching pastel colors.

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Your Eco-Friendly Memo Mate

Embrace a greener way to jot down your daily dues with Think Notes. Durable, restickable, and made for the long haul, these notes are designed to stand the test of time and tasks. With our easy-to-clean whiteboard finish, simply wipe away and start anew, reducing waste without sacrificing convenience.

Why Think Notes?

Eliminate the need for countless disposable sticky notes for reminders, tasks, and quick memos. Instead, utilize our reusable set of 12 Think Notes, designed for repeated use.

Simply peel, position, and place on nearly any smooth surface. Uuse a whiteboard marker for quick notes, and when you're prepared to refresh, whether it's after days, weeks, or even months, simply wipe clean and reuse. Both the whiteboard finish on top and the adhesive backing can be cleansed with water, maintaining their effectiveness even after numerous uses. With Think Notes, there's no need to worry about losing stickiness!

"Personally, I use these to leave thoughtful notes for my partner on our refrigerator at home, and to organize tasks in a Kanban-style at my workplace." - D. Meyers

Our product ensures no damage or sticky residue left on surfaces. The adhesive sticks reliably to all smooth surfaces (performance on painted drywall may differ).

Made in the USA.

    Why you need it:

    • Efficient: Reduces the need for countless disposable sticky notes, encouraging a more organized and clutter-free workspace.
    • Reusable: Designed for repeated use, simply wipe clean and reuse, offering long-term value.
    • Versatile: Can be used on nearly any smooth surface, making it suitable for a variety of environments such as home, office, or school.
    • Eco-Friendly: By reusing these notes, you contribute to waste reduction, supporting a greener planet.
    • Quality Made: Crafted in the USA with a commitment to durability and longevity.
    • Convenient: Comes with an Ultra Fine Black Dry Erase Marker and a variety of pastel colors, providing everything you need in one package.
    • Safe: Leaves no sticky residue or damage on surfaces, ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of your workspace.

    What's included:

    • Think Notes in 6 Pastel Colors: Both of our pack sizes include 6 pastel colors (Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Pink). Our 12-packs include 2 of each, and our 48-packs include 8 of each. This way, you have plenty of color options to choose from on a daily basis.
    • Ultra Fine Black Dry Erase Marker: This black dry erase marker is ideal for writing on these Think Notes, creating clear and easy-to-read writing every time. 
    • 1 Instruction Card: We include a brief instruction card in your shipment to ensure you can make the most of this product right off the bat. 

    We highly recommend adding a Wet Erase Marker to your order!

    Each Think Note measures 3" x 3" / 7.6cm x 7.6cm.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I properly use and care for my Think Notes?

    To use your Think Notes, simply peel off the protective backing and place them on your chosen smooth surface. Write your notes using the included ultra-fine black dry erase marker or a wet erase marker for longer-lasting content. When you're ready to erase, wipe the surface clean with your finger or a damp cloth. For best care, clean both the whiteboard finish and the adhesive backing with water if the stickiness seems to be reducing. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the product.

    Can Think Notes be reused on different surfaces, and will they leave any residue?

    Yes, Think Notes are designed to be versatile and reusable on nearly any smooth surface, including refrigerators, notebooks, and desks. They are safe to use on various surfaces and are designed to leave no sticky residue or damage, thanks to their gentle adhesive backing. However, they do not work on all painted drywall.

    Are Think Notes environmentally friendly?

    Absolutely! Think Notes are a sustainable alternative to traditional paper sticky notes. By using our reusable Think Notes, you're reducing the need for disposable paper, cutting down on waste, and contributing to a greener planet. Plus, they are made in the USA with quality materials, ensuring a durable product that lasts, adding to their eco-friendliness by minimizing the need for frequent replacements (if any!)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Cassie Harding
    Eco-Friendly Choice

    Eco-friendly and effective. Great for the office.

    Queen Harrison
    Eco-Friendly and Handy!

    I've been using Think Notes in my home office and they are a game-changer! No more wasting paper on small reminders. They stick well to my fridge and walls, and the colors are vibrant and cheerful. Plus, they clean off easily and don't lose their stickiness. A great eco-friendly option for anyone looking to reduce paper waste.

    Dionne Mata
    Perfect for Organizing!

    As a teacher, Think Notes have been a fantastic tool for organizing tasks and creating interactive lessons. They stick to my whiteboard and desk without leaving residue. They are easy to clean and reuse, which is great for the environment and my budget!

    Russell Newton
    Great for Quick Memos

    Easy to use and perfect for quick memos.

    Chandra Zhang
    Good colors

    Nice colors