Think Board Installation Instructions
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    Resurfacing A Chalkboard/Whiteboard

    Installing On A Smooth Surface

    Installing On All Other Surfaces


    Think Boards adhere well to smooth, indoor surfaces.

    Step 2: GET CLEAN

    You like clean sheets, Think Board likes clean walls. Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the surface and let it dry completely.

    Step 3: GET HELP

    No need to call 911, just get a friend. If you're putting up smaller Think Board products, then going solo is OK.

    Step 4: GET IT ON

    Peel your Think Board off the backing and hover it over the wall. (If you have a larger Think Board, have your friend hold 1 corner) Starting in the center, use your Magic Cloth (or plastic squeegee) to smooth your Think Board onto the wall. Go slow and you'll do just fine!


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    Important Tips!

    • Do NOT use Expo Bold - the chemicals are too strong for Think Board.
    • Clean with your magic cloth to keep your Think Board squeaky clean.
    • If a permanent marker is used by accident, hair spray takes it off!
    • Magic Erasers and hairspray remove any marks on the walls!

    Recommended Surfaces:

    • Smooth Walls
    • Painted Drywall
    • Wooden Desks
    • Any Door
    • Glass
    • Metal
    • Inside, temperature controlled environments

    NOT Recommended Surfaces:

    • Textured Walls
    • Unpainted drywall
    • Brick
    • Cinder Block
    • Porous, textured paneling
    • Outside, non-temperature controlled environments