Windham High School Testimonial
Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging everyone to stay home. For you, your loved ones, and your community. We know it’s not much, but we’d like to make our whiteboards as accessible as possible for those who need it. If possible, please consider working from home this month. If you need a Think Board to build out your Work From Home workspace, please use code: "Stay At Home" at checkout. Bulk Discounts 40-50% For Schools/Organizations. Additional support available on a need-to-need basis.
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    Raj reached out to us after his students won a Grant - looking to cover his walls with Think Board! After setting up cabinet-grade plywood, Raj gave us a call to get set up with our Premium Think Board films.

    Interested? Give us a call at (617) 657-9616 or request a sample!