$99 Work From Home Bundle
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    Stay Healthy.
    Keep Others Healthy.
    Work From Home.

    Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, millions of people are being asked to work from home and complete classes online.

    At Think Board, we decided to put together a Work From Home Bundle for individuals, as well as a Bulk Offering for Companies/Schools going remote for the next weeks/months.

    Stay Organized.
    Work Prioritized.
    Think Boards for Home.

    Big or small, whiteboards are essential in a home office - whether you are brainstorming, gamestorming, taking notes, or building the next Uber. But, whiteboards are not cheap, and they sure as hell don't look that good either. We put together a package for the perfect home office!

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    45% Savings For Individuals
    50% Savings For Companies/Schools

    For Your Home Office

    We put together our Top 4 Work From Home products in one bundle to make it easy for you!

    • Included:
      White Think Board (L)
      White Think Board (M)
    • Clear Think Board Calendar
    • Think Board X2 (3-Pack)
      Magic Cloth
      Dry Erase Marker Set

    $150 value for $99.99!

    Free Shipping.
    Free Returns.
    Happiness Guaranteed.

    • Over 60% OFF!
    • 45% Savings For Individuals
      50% Savings For Companies/Schools

    A fraction of the price of traditional whiteboards and whiteboard paint!

    For Your Remote Employees

    Preparing your teams for Remote Work. 4ft x 8ft XL Board normally $229, but now $149!