Rocketbook Beacons


Looking to digitize your whiteboard ideas? Look no further than Rocketbook Beacons!

Perfect for:

The Rocketbook Beacons are perfect for those wanting to augment their Think Board experience by digitizing their ideas. They provide an innovative solution to modernize your brainstorming sessions, making them easily shareable and integrable with popular cloud services.

Why you need it:

If you need a dynamic, collaborative, and interconnected brainstorming experience, Rocketbook Beacons are a must-have. They transform your physical Think Board into a smart, cloud-connected platform, allowing for a seamless transition from analog brainstorming to digital ideation and storage. 

What's included:

Launching your Think Board into the digital era is made effortless with the integration of Rocketbook Beacons. The package includes the following:

  • Four Reusable Beacons: These restickable and reusable Beacons enable the transformation of your Think Board into an intelligent, cloud-connected platform. The Beacons are designed for repeated use, extending their value over time.

  • Free Rocketbook App: Each Beacon is compatible with the free Rocketbook app. This allows for effortless brainstorming with your team, as well as easy capture and sharing of your collaborative thoughts.

Embrace the future of brainstorming and ideation with Rocketbook Beacons, and take your Think Board to the next level. Experience the seamless interplay between the tangible world of whiteboards and the infinite possibilities of digital connectivity.