Education: 5 Simple Ways Teachers Can Motivate Their Students

Education can be tricky and as a teacher it’s no secret that it can be difficult to motivate your students, and keep them motivated throughout the school year. When students are motivated, they are more eager to learn, and students who are more eager to learn tend to retain information better, and participate in classroom discussion more.

So, the question is, how do we keep our students motivated? Education fuels our students' creative journeys, so it's important teachers keep them motivated on that journey. With a little nudge from you, the teacher, you can turn even the hardest days into successful classroom sessions. The Think Board team has gathered 5 simple tips and tricks on how teachers can motivate their students.

Encourage Your Students

Always recognize the work your students are doing, no matter how big or small. A simple “good job,” or “keep up the great work!” can go a long way in the classroom, especially for students who are searching for motivation. Give out awards, or write down positive education notes on your Think Board for the whole class to see!

Get Creative

There’s nothing like a good creative session to get the brain active. Sometimes just book work and solving problems can become tedious, and students can get bored – fast. Instead of lectures and notetaking, try teaching through games or visual aids. Get your students doodling on their Think Board dry erase desks, and before you know it their creativity levels will be skyrocketing.

Set Goals

During the tough days when no one is motivated, it can seem like a never-ending uphill battle, which is why it’s important to remind your students how far they’ve come. Set short-term goals that will show your students they’re heading in the right direction. Set achievable goals for your students, and watch how motivated they become when they accomplish those goals, and want to move onto the next one.

A Little Friendly Competition

A simple way to motivate your students? Friendly competition! There are tons of friendly ways for your students to compete in the classroom, such as games or prizes. No matter what the classroom is studying, there is some way to throw some friendly competition into the mix.

Switch It Up

It’s easy for students to lose motivation and get bored when they sit in the same spot and see the same things every day. If you have assigned seats, try rearranging them. Move the classroom furniture around to create a new learning space. Make sure that your classroom décor is never boring; Use fun posters; Decorate your classroom Think Board different every day; Have fun with decorating!

Want more tips and tricks for the classroom or workplace? Check out the Think Board blog! If you want the Think Board in your home, office or classroom, request a free sample of the #ThinkBoard!

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