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      7 Great Ways to Use White Boards in the Classroom

      7 Great Ways to Use White Boards in the Classroom

      Keeping students engaged in the classroom is tough – especially with all of today’s modern distractions, such as cellphones and tablets. When it comes to keeping students engaged, and excited to learn, whiteboards get the job done. No, we’re not talking about those crazy expensive smartboards that cost $5,000+. We’re talking about old-school whiteboards. Whiteboards are an amazing and inexpensive way to engage students. Here are seven great ways to use white boards in the classroom.

      1. Brainstorming

      Brainstorming is an amazing way to review, or explore a new subject/concept. There’s no better way to brainstorm than with a whiteboard. Divide your students off into groups of two or three, giving each group a whiteboard. Give your students a concept to brainstorm about, and have them take turns writing on the whiteboard.

      1. Q&A Session

      Students are notorious for not liking to be called out and answer questions in class. With the convenience of a whiteboard you can ask your entire class a question and ask them to write out their short response on their whiteboard.

      1. Practice Vocab

      Practicing vocabulary words has never been easier. Teachers can write out multiple choice answers on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom, while students write down which answer they think is correct on their small whiteboards at their desk. It’s simple, effective, and keeps the entire classroom engaged.

      1. Math Problems Made Easy

      Let’s admit it – most students don’t enjoy math. Writing out math problems on whiteboards give students the freedom to retract/erase their steps, and work through the problem. Solving math problems on white boards gives students the freedom of working on a clean slate.

      1. Pictionary

      We all love a good game of Pictionary! You can have you students play games of Pictionary for new vocab works, or to review for a quiz coming up. Play a game of Pictionary with whiteboards, and you’ll be amazed at how excited your students are to learn!

      1. Use it for One-On-One

      If you have a student who continues to struggle with a topic, sit with them one-on-one and have them work out the problem on their whiteboard. This will give you the opportunity to see exactly where the student is making a mistake. Once you figure out that, you’ll be able to guide them in the right direction.

      1. Spelling

      Whiteboards are great for younger students who still have spelling bees and quizzes. Students are more likely to retain information when they hand-write it down. Break your students off into groups of three or four and let them takes turn spelling out the words. Turn it into some friendly competition by offering the winning group bonus points.

      These are just a few ways to use whiteboards in the classroom. Not only are whiteboards a great way to engage students, but they’re cost effective and better for the environment.

      Enter to Win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway

      Enter to Win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway

      What if we told you there was another fun way to engage students, improve test scores, save paper and increase efficiency in the classroom? Say hello to your new best friend – Think Board Dry Erase Desks! The Think Board converts traditional, boring desks into dry erase canvases for creativity. From May 22 to June 16, you can enter to win the Think Board Ultimate Classroom Giveaway for a chance to win a Think Board 24 classroom pack (a $350 value!).

      Having a Think Board Dry Erase Desk benefits both the students and the teachers. Instead of throwing out old desks, simply place the Think Board on them and boom – they’re a brand-new canvas for students to learn and express their creativity. Not to mention, you’ll be saving TONS of money on paper.

      All Shapes & Sizes

      Don’t worry about the Think Board Classroom Pack not fitting on your classroom’s desks. We have stock sizes for the standard desk, but we can also do other shapes and sizes!

      Teachers Love It

      With an increase in classroom engagement, test scores and the students’ knowledge of the subject, teachers love everything about the Think Board Dry Erase Desks!

      “Think Board is great for differentiating instructions for kids. It is 10 times better for muscle memory, and the kids have so much fun using it! They see a marker and immediately think 'It's going to be fun’”

      -Holly Cachimuel. 7th Grade Teacher. Watertown MA

      Students Love It

      Students love the Think Board because it turns their regular old school desk, into a creative workspace. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor. Students love the freedom of writing on their desks, and are more than excited to learn!

      Benefits of Having Think Board Dry Erase Desks

      • Taking old school desks and bringing them into the 21st century, not the landfill. Also, you'll save thousands of pieces of paper, per classroom.
      • No ghosting – ever. We’ve created the highest quality dry erase film on the market. Plus, it works with every marker!
      • 100% satisfaction. If there is anything wrong with one of your boards - even the slightest defect - we'll replace it for free.
      • 5-year life span. We love whiteboards, and so should you, which is why we put the highest quality product in your classrooms.

      We’re so confident that you’re going to fall in love with the Think Board Dry Erase Desks that your first classroom is on us! 

      Education: 5 Simple Ways Teachers Can Motivate Their Students

      Education: 5 Simple Ways Teachers Can Motivate Their Students

      Education can be tricky and as a teacher it’s no secret that it can be difficult to motivate your students, and keep them motivated throughout the school year. When students are motivated, they are more eager to learn, and students who are more eager to learn tend to retain information better, and participate in classroom discussion more.

      So, the question is, how do we keep our students motivated? Education fuels our students' creative journeys, so it's important teachers keep them motivated on that journey. With a little nudge from you, the teacher, you can turn even the hardest days into successful classroom sessions. The Think Board team has gathered 5 simple tips and tricks on how teachers can motivate their students.

      Encourage Your Students

      Always recognize the work your students are doing, no matter how big or small. A simple “good job,” or “keep up the great work!” can go a long way in the classroom, especially for students who are searching for motivation. Give out awards, or write down positive education notes on your Think Board for the whole class to see!

      Get Creative

      There’s nothing like a good creative session to get the brain active. Sometimes just book work and solving problems can become tedious, and students can get bored – fast. Instead of lectures and notetaking, try teaching through games or visual aids. Get your students doodling on their Think Board dry erase desks, and before you know it their creativity levels will be skyrocketing.

      Set Goals

      During the tough days when no one is motivated, it can seem like a never-ending uphill battle, which is why it’s important to remind your students how far they’ve come. Set short-term goals that will show your students they’re heading in the right direction. Set achievable goals for your students, and watch how motivated they become when they accomplish those goals, and want to move onto the next one.

      A Little Friendly Competition

      A simple way to motivate your students? Friendly competition! There are tons of friendly ways for your students to compete in the classroom, such as games or prizes. No matter what the classroom is studying, there is some way to throw some friendly competition into the mix.

      Switch It Up

      It’s easy for students to lose motivation and get bored when they sit in the same spot and see the same things every day. If you have assigned seats, try rearranging them. Move the classroom furniture around to create a new learning space. Make sure that your classroom décor is never boring; Use fun posters; Decorate your classroom Think Board different every day; Have fun with decorating!

      Want more tips and tricks for the classroom or workplace? Check out the Think Board blog! If you want the Think Board in your home, office or classroom, request a free sample of the #ThinkBoard!


      Whiteboard Desks For The Classroom!

      Whiteboard Desks For The Classroom!

      Converting Your Desks Into Whiteboard Desks!

      Thinking about turning your desks into whiteboard desks? Great idea! We see students and teachers light up with excitement every time we come do an install - that's why working in education is one of our passions :) As education moves in the direction of "project-based learning" and "flipped classrooms," converting traditional school desks into whiteboard desks has become more demanded across the board. Whiteboard desks are highly recommended by every teacher we work with. Here's why:

      More Engagement With In-Class Activities.

      Students love whiteboards and prefer to work on a whiteboard over paper any day of the week. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor.

      Higher Test Scores

      With an increase in class engagement, test scores and the students’ knowledge of the subject will naturally increase. Teachers love the ability to quickly gauge how each student is performing. Also, since everything is dry erase, teachers are able to quickly correct students’ misspellings or errors with the swipe of a finger.

      Save Paper!

      With the ability to avoid paper for in-class activities, you could save roughly 50% of the paper currently consumed.

      Increased Efficiency in the Classroom

      There is no longer a need to pass out those old clunky whiteboards for in-class activities! Just grab your Expo marker and start collaborating :)

      More Fun!

      We don't get it. We really don't. But every time we see students interact with their whiteboard desks, we notice they proactively want to do math problems and conjugate verbs! Students love the freedom to write on the desk and are excited to learn!


      Here's an unbiased quote from Ms. Venturino - a teacher who made her own from Home Depot supplies.

      "With my new desks, not only is writing more pleasant but also it has brightened up my classroom. Since we did this in January 2017, I’ve used them multiple times with students. They’ve brainstormed for projects and given peer feedback (in a different color), drawn diagrams of science concepts, and reflected on their work. 
      My favorite part of it is that students can quickly do a gallery walk to see their peers’ work and add in comments and feedback in a different color marker. When they’re all done, they take a picture and we erase the desks."
      And here is a teacher's reaction after we installed our Think Board films onto her desks!
      And lastly, here's a quick video of our team converting this classroom into a whiteboard/Think Board classroom! (We covered the entire school!)
      Interested in learning more? Visit our page here, or shoot us an email at education@think-board.com!