All You Need To Know About Chalkboard Resurfacing

Do you have a school full of chalkboards?

Or maybe a stack of whiteboards, 5 layers deep, that eventually would reveal a chalkboard if you removed them?

And maybe there is asbestos behind your chalkboards because your school was constructed between 1950 and 1980 — a period where asbestos was added to almost every type of building material to boost durability and fire resistance.

If any of this resembles your school, read on.

The Asbestos Problem

Here is a brief quote from to explain why exactly asbestos is dangerous: 

 What are the hazards of asbestos?
"Asbestos is well recognized as a health hazard and its use is now highly regulated by both OSHA and EPA. Asbestos fibers associated with these health risks are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Breathing asbestos fibers can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs called asbestosis and result in loss of lung function that often progresses to disability and death. Asbestos also causes cancer of the lung and other diseases such as mesothelioma of the pleura which is a fatal malignant tumor of the membrane lining the cavity of the lung or stomach. Epidemiologic evidence has increasingly shown that all asbestos fiber types, including the most commonly used form of asbestos, chrysotile, causes mesothelioma in humans."


What asbestos looks like behind a school chalkboard

With asbestos as the common enemy, we've seen teachers and administrators faced with impossible budgeting decisions. They need to balance the need to spend money on asbestos abatements and the need to spend on resources to benefit the students' learning. And hey, even without anything fancy, it could still take months to get approval for drilling holes into the wall/chalkboard to set up a traditional whiteboard - because if you have asbestos anywhere in the building, you need approval before any sort of tampering.

We have a solution. 

And we're not here to say we have fixed the entire asbestos problem. But we can help in our very specific way. 

Chalkboard Resurfacing: An Effective Solution

OSHA, WHO, and the EPA all advise that if asbestos is contained, with no open air exposure, then it's best to leave it alone. And this is where we come in. 

"Leaving it alone" means you can not and should not remove, adjust, or drill into any chalkboards that have been mounted onto the walls in a classroom without a professional asbestos abatement.

In terms of cost, an asbestos abatement ranges from $10,000$25,000 per classroom. Yikes. 

Imagine spending 1/20th of that on solving this specific problem (resurfacing chalkboards because of asbestos problems) and redirecting that money to more urgent asbestos-related issues (i.e., addressing exposed pipes or floor tiles), or other learning supplies  

Unfortunately, asbestos-free pipes and floor tiles are more important than a new, incredibly high-performing whiteboard. However, they are less likely to get the students excited about learning. 

So, I come to you with our solution:

Resurface Your Chalkboards With Think Board

Think Boards are super easy to install. 

The product comes on a roll, and it already contains adhesive. Its premium peel-and-stick design means there's no more need to spray harsh chemicals in the classroom, no drying time, and ready to use immediately!

Most of our schools have their facilities team install them. But if you'd prefer, our team can also come to your school and install them for you, for a small additional fee.

Think Boards are expected to last over 10 years with "intense daily use," and we put a 10-year warranty on any Think Board used for resurfacing. (We have to say it that way because we cover many surfaces with Think Boards in schools  such as desks, tables, and cabinets — but those tend to get more banged up.)

If you'd like to learn how to resurface a chalkboard with Think Board, see our installation instructions.


Why Resurface Your Whiteboards?

  • Convert your old boards in under 15 minutes a piece.
  • Keep your old and sturdy infrastructure with our high-quality finish.
  • Save on an asbestos abatement if your boards might have asbestos.
  • Prevent your old boards from going into the landfill.
  • Keep your technology healthy by removing chalk dust from the air.
  • Save your facilities team time and energy. Super easy cleaning.

Why Resurface With Think Board?

  • Our product is scratch-resistant and has a Sharpie-proof finish.
  • We guarantee a quick, easy, and bubble-free installation, every time.
  • You get free replacements for 10 years if you have any issues.
  • Think Board works with all dry erase markers and will always be clean.
  • Permanent markers erase cleanly with rubbing alcohol.
  • You won't need any expo spray cleaner — just water and a cloth!

If you're interested in learning more about how you or your school can get started, visit the links below: 

Learn more and see photos from schools we've worked with.

Get a custom quote for your school.

Watch our installation videos.

Or, give us a call at 617-657-9616. We would love to talk with you about your specific chalkboard resurfacing needs. 

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