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Troy Innovation Garage and Think Board

Troy Innovation Garage is an entrepreneurial ecosystem for creative companies where ideas run free and people have the resources they need to fully tap their potential. We understand the importance of both focus and fun, and realize that a coworking environment is the best way for driven entrepreneurs to succeed.


We started working with them over 2 years ago, and since then have covered nearly every flat & smooth surface in their building! What started as one community member ordering a Think Board for their personal space, turned into dozens of Think Boards all over the coworking space. 

In the past they tried whiteboard paint, but it wasn't cutting it. The whiteboard paint was ghosting, not erasing, and just looking ugly. It's because of Troy Innovation Garage that we designed our adhesives to go right over old whiteboard paint! And, with a large enough Think Board and about 30 minutes, POOF - a new thinking space :)

Whiteboard paint fail

They saw so much success from Troy Innovation Garage that they have decided to open up a second coworking space in Albany called Bull Moose Club. We're excited to continue supporting them as they grow and helping them with any and all dry erase needs!

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Video Transcript:

My name is Tom Nardacci and I’m the founder creator of Troy Innovation Garage. Troy Innovation Garage is an entrepreneurial ecosystem built for startups and creatives in the capital region. What we wanted to do in Troy was to develop a space that was as cool as any place I have ever seen. I have toured 50 locations around the country at visit coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators we just took the best of what we saw and we brought them together and put them into this space.

My name is Nicole Manupella and I’m the community manager here at Troy Innovation Garage. We offer a number of flexible workspaces. We have four conference rooms, phone booths, open workspaces.

We have so many unique spaces here. So we really struggled with how do we make them collaborative and we tried everything right. So we tried traditional whiteboards and we tried whiteboard paint and it just didn’t seem to work and we found Think Board through a colleague. We tried it and we just loved it and literally we can’t get enough. As many walls as we can. You know we put Think Board it on because it just helps so much with this collaboration.

So we have over a dozen Think Boards in our coworking space. They are customizable. We have 16 foot Think Boards we have 3 foot Think Boards. They fit into different crevices, different phone booths, huddle booths. Our conference rooms are all equipped with Think Boards. We are all about flexibility and innovative ideas here. So when we were able to incorporate these whiteboards into our space it kind of elevated the creativity. It was something new that people haven’t quite seen before.

From an operations standpoint Think Board is amazing. Its super easy to install it’s flexible in terms of where we put them and really easy to maintain.

We have strategic planning. People have weekly meetings. Its fun to watch people be able to think and express some of their thoughts and get productive in a number of different spaces.

And the cost, it’s super affordable which is great for us is we’re starting up not only this space where we are looking to do other spaces and we see Think Board is having a big roll and what we are doing next. We are in downtown Troy, you know small city with a ton of heart and you know we are doing great stuff here. We have some great companies as if great people live and working here and we are super proud of things that we are doing.

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