Goal Setting for The New Year: How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

Goal Setting for the New Year: How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

Goal Setting for The New Year: How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

New year, new goals– right? This is the time of year when we really reflect on everything we want to achieve this year and just our lives in general. We think about how we want this year to be better.

Whether it’s because you want to be healthier, more organized or more motivated, we all want a change! That’s why goal setting is the best way to start out the New Year.

Goal setting puts everything into perspective for us and can even help us achieve goals we didn’t even know we had! While making New Year’s resolutions show an awesome sense of positive intent, we often forget about these resolutions by February or March.

Goal setting is better because it helps us to work toward our goals as a more gradual process rather than an immediate change. Here are the best goal setting tips so you can set goals you’ll actually achieve this year.

Make Goal Setting Fun

Go into goal setting with a positive mind and spirit. Don’t make it a chore. Do it during a time where you don’t have anything else going on so you can just focus on this. Set yourself up in an environment where you’re inspired and comfortable so your creative juices are flowing!

Don’t Just Think About Your Goals – Write Them Down!

Just thinking about your goals isn’t enough. Did you know you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Turn your favorite space into a creative workspace with the Think Board, a peel-and-stick whiteboard that can turn any flat surface into a space for creativity.

Think of the best ideas while you’re lying in bed? Put a clear Think Board on the wall next to it and – boom, you now have a creative workspace (but since it’s clear it blends into your décor). The physical act of writing down your goals makes them real and tangible. Every time you look at your Think Board you’ll remember your goals. No excuses to forget them!

Goal Setting Tip: Use a to-do list with your goals at the very top of it. The physical act of checking something off your to-do list is so gratifying.

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Set Goals That Motivate You

While goal setting, make sure you’re setting goals that actually motivate you. Make sure these goals are important to you and there will be value in achieving them. Think about how these goals will be a part of the bigger picture.

If you have little interest in achieving them or the outcome, you probably won’t achieve them. Motivation is key when it comes to setting your goals.

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