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      14 Amazing Last Minute Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

      14 Amazing Last Minute Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

      Wait... how is it already December? Wait - how is it already almost Christmas?! We know how hectic holiday shopping can be, but don't stress. We've put together an epic gift guide of 14 amazing last-minute gifts you can get on Amazon with moms, teachers, students and entrepreneurs in mind. Instead of heading out in the cold and looking for gifts in the busy stores, all you have to do is kick back and browse through these 14 amazing last-minute gifts you can get on Amazon. Yay for the internet!

      1. Amazon Echo

      You've probably seen the Amazon Echo on TV, or at your friends' house or online. The Amazon Echo is back and better than ever before with its 2nd Generation series: improved sound, powered by Dolby and a sleek new design.


      Shop here.

      2. Think Board

      Shopping for a mom, teacher, student, artist, entrepreneur or business owner? They're going to love the Think Board. The Think Board turns any flat surface into a creative workspace. Finally, a whiteboard film that sticks to the wall, erases well and won't damage the surface you put it on.


      Shop here.

      3. Keychain charger

      Ah - the dreaded 1% on our phones and the race to the nearest charger. Now, with this portable keychain charger, you never have to worry about running to the charger or your phone dying ever again. Keychain charger comes in a variety of colors.


      Shop here. 

      4. Moon Phase Watch

      This moon phase watch is sure to be a big hit for the holidays! The watch is sleek with a black leather band, and displays of the moon's phases. Great as a present under the tree or even a stocking stuffer.


      Shop here.

      5. Polaroid Camera

      Say cheese - smile for the camera! The new Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Camera is a wonderful present for anyone in the family. It has a new slimmer and lighter body and takes better polaroids than ever.


      Shop here. 

      6. X-Large Peel & Stick Premium Dry Erase Whiteboard

      Have an entrepreneur or small business owner in your life? They'll love this peel-and-stick whiteboard! It's the perfect size to display in the office, where employees can post innovative ideas.


      Shop here.

      7. TriceraTaco Taco Holder

      A dinosaur-shaped taco holder... Need we say more? This cute last-minute gift will be a holiday hit, so we'd order more than one if we were you!


      Shop here. 

      8. Vertical Garden Display

      Succulents are all the craze right now. This unique vertical garden display will look great on any desk or in the office. We love this garden display because it's unique and sleek, adding a modern touch to every room.


      Shop here.

      9. Succulents

      Need some cute succulents to put in that vertical garden display? Look no further, here's a set of 40 unique succulents for half the price you'll see them at other stores!


      Shop here.

      10. Nintendo Switch

      The Nintendo Switch made Amazon's Top Holiday Toy Gift Guide for a reason! It's like the Nintendo we played as kids, but now portable! Now you can bring Mario Kart with you wherever you go.


      Shop here.


      11. 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Center

      Do you know anyone working at a start-up or small business? Or how about students living in a dorm? They're going to love this 3-in-1 multifunction breakfast center.


      Shop here.

      12. Lego Coffee Cup

      Since when were coffee cups so entertaining? Children and creative adults alike will love this build-on-brick mug. The perfect gift for creators and Lego lovers!


      Shop here.

      13. Iron Man USB Flash Drive

      Every time you play this Iron Man flash drive into your computer, you'll probably feel like Iron Man himself. This is the perfect last-minute gift or stocking stuffer.


      Shop here.

      14. Insulated Canteen Bottle

      Everyone needs to drink water, right? This insulated canteen, with a sleek design, is easy to carry to the gym, home, office or school.


      Shop here.

      Need more inspo for holiday shopping? Check out our limited edition Holiday Bundle: perfect for moms, teachers, students and business owners!

      The Best Back to School Gift for Teachers and Students

      The Best Back to School Gift for Teachers and Students

      Back to school, back to school!

      Most gifts for teachers are way overdone: apples, rulers... boring! The same goes for students; pencil, paper... yawn. The simplest and easiest solution? Think Boards! They're easy to install, customizable and a unique gift for students and teachers! 

      What is Think Board?

      Think Board is a clear, removable panel that turns any surface into a dry erase canvas, and is perfect for any teacher, student and highly creative person. 

      Hanson Grant is the founder of Think Board, a Mass Challenge Finalist, senior at Babson College, and one of Boston’s Top 25 Innovators Under 25. As a sophomore at Babson, he set out to reinvent the whiteboard.

      How Think Board Was Born

      All Grant needed was a space to write down his ideas, but papers get lost, whiteboards are too bulky, and dry erase paints are too expensive. Most people use large writing spaces for collaboration and expansive ideation, but current solutions are limited. That is whereThink Board comes in.

      Think Board is a clear film that turns any smooth surface into a dry-erase board. Think Board’s vision is to provide students, parents, innovators and entrepreneurs a new thinking space; by allowing them to turn any existing surface into a dry erase canvas for creativity!

      So, what makes Think Board different? Think Board is nearly invisible, which allows users to turn an existing surface into a dry erase canvas, without sacrificing the appearance of the room or office.

      With the help of digital printing, we can even personalize and customize Think Boards, with any logo, graph, or name. With this technology we have the ability to penetrate new markets that no dry erase provider has in the past.

      Think Board is currently focusing its time, energy and resources into education. Students of all ages love using it – whether in their room to practice math problems, or in their dorm room to organize their busy lives.

      We have done a number of tests proving that using Think Board can increase efficiency and effectiveness in a classroom or at home. The physical connection made between hand and pen, versus hand and keyboard allows for better memorization and enhanced creativity.

      Think Board has seen a large percentage of sales coming from college students, as well as mothers and fathers of grade school children. Students are finally excited to begin their work in class on their desk, or at home on their personal Think Board. We have been seeing parents putting Think Boards all over the house. The most popular places include their child’s wall, desk, playroom, or even refrigerator for a family shopping list or calendar.

      The most exciting part of focusing on students of all ages is receiving feedback from the customers to see how they are using Think Board in their own unique way. One kind mother wrote to us saying the following:

      “My daughter loves her Think Board. She is running her own little dance class on our second floor landing. Brilliant!”

      Think Board is not going to stop here; the company’s goal is to overlay Think Boards onto every school desk across the country. Think Board School Desks are in ten schools around New England at the moment, and the demand is rapidly increasing.

      Teachers are stating how students run to their desks during the beginning of class to start their in-class assignments. Students enjoy the opportunity of writing on their desk, being creative, and receiving immediate feedback from their peers or teacher.

      High performing students can write at an accelerated pace, while students who need support receive it in real time and can repeat activities as needed. The teacher is able to circulate and respond to multiple students in a time efficient manner. The traditional paper and pencil model requires collection, grading and returning of papers.

      Students get far more writing practice using Think Boards and are able to receive critical face-to-face feedback and support from peers and the teacher, which is lacking in paper-pencil model.

      Think Board on the Today Show.

      With so much potential at home and in the classroom, Think Board is in search of a corporate benefactor to help sponsor this program and make Think Board School Desks affordable in every school district. Until then, Think Board will continue focus on getting the product into the hands of as many students as possible.

      If you can see a use for Think Board, or know someone who could benefit from having a Think Board in their life, please check out the link below and share on social media!


      Think Board: Your Go-to Holiday Gift Guide

      Think Board: Your Go-to Holiday Gift Guide

      What makes a great gift?  Every time the holiday season rolls around, this question gets tougher and tougher.  We want to give our friends and loved ones a gift that is unique, one they won’t get from someone else.  We want our gift to stand out, not blend in.  Instead of buying clothes or a piece of technology that will be outdated in a matter of months, buy a gift that gets better with time. 

      It’s time to think differently about the value of our gifts this holiday season.  Stand out, and buy a Think Board for your college student, family member, friend, or co-worker.  A Think Board is a thin, clear sheet that can be applied to any smooth surface, and transform it into a dry-erase surface.  You’ll be remembered for giving this gift. 

      The recipient will use Think Board to organize themselves and express their creativity in ways they previously hadn’t been able to.  Think Board gets our creative juices flowing, and you cannot go wrong if you decide to gift a Think Board this holiday season. 

      So, without further ado, here is the Think Board Holiday Gift Guide!

      Buying for:

      K-12 Students

       Students love using them on desks, walls and laptops!
      College Students
      As a group of college students, we couldn't imagine life without Think Board. Our founder, Hanson, has 2 large ones on the walls, a calendar, a 30" on his is desk, and a 30" on his door!
      Grad Students
      Why not? Tons of grad students have purchased Think Boards to study, stay organized, or ideate! Is your grad student thinking about starting a business, in med school, or becoming a leader of any kind? If yes, Think Board is perfect. 
      Personalized notes on the Think Board can always make your significant other smile :)
      Stay organized! No more magnets. Think Board sticks to any smooth surface, and blends right in with the material you put it on!
      Those who draw
      Hands down. They will love you forever. 
      Those who innovate 
      I mean, isn't it obvious at this point? 
      Those who lead 
      For the desk, co-working space, or their office!

      Get your Think Board today!

      Staying Organized: Best Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

      Staying Organized: Best Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

      Stay Focused

      When engaging in a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to stay focused and efficiently carry out tasks. Some chose pen and paper, and others may chose a small daily planner. 

      While these may work for you, a dry-erase board will allow you to write your ideas down in an organized fashion, clear your mind and focus on high priority tasks.  

      Stay Organized with Think Board

      A Microsoft study about the use of whiteboards revealed that people are able to brainstorm and organize more efficiently by arranging information visually!

      A great way to organize different topics and ideas is through color-coding. By using different colors for different subjects, it becomes much easier for you to focus on one task at a time.

      Another great technique is using check boxes. By checking off the tasks as you complete them and leaving them on the board, you motivate yourself to complete the ones that have yet to be finished.

      One thing that is overlooked when thinking about using your whiteboard is the size of your writing. Writing important tasks larger than minor ones spatially helps your brain internally organize in terms of urgency. A Think Board may be the best resource for this, since they come in all shapes and sizes, and can help with staying organized and idea generation.  

      You should also try to leave some extra room for external thoughts you may have about a certain subject. Seeing empty space on a whiteboard will encourage you to fill it with something. Many good ideas can stem from general keys of thought. Think Board is perfect place to let your ideas flow from your brain, to a physical surface where you can visualize them! 

      4 Best Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life

      4 Best Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life

      As exams slowly approach, many students are looking for ways to study, stay organized and stay focused. It's important to stay on task while increasing the productivity of work or school, but also important to have a little fun! 

      1. Writing Down Notes and Ideas 

      It's proven that writing down your notes and ideas help you not only remember the content better, but also allows you to have a new space to analyze and work through any problems you may have.

      Working through mathematical problems on whiteboards can help you see what is going on from step to step. Similarly, trying to list advantages and disadvantages of options you are presented with can help make a decision much easier.

      2. Make Lists 

      One of the best ways to increase your productivity is to make lists. Lists can help you internalize thoughts as well as remember them in an organized fashion. In the process of creating a list, you may find that often times you can remember what was on it without even looking.

      The cognitive science behind handwriting proves that writing trumps typing 100% of the time. Whether you're just trying to write down a list of groceries, or making a list of terms for your next exam, Think Board can help! 

      3. Map Out Your Thoughts 

      With Think Board, it's easy to map out all of your thoughts and organize them in a similar way to which your brain does. By writing all of your ideas and thoughts on a whiteboard, you are able to compartmentalize information much more efficiently and productively. Get creative, and organize like no other! 

      4. Go Explore: Don't Stay in One Room 

      Another perk to having a Think Board is being able to place it wherever you want. Whether you want one in your office, in your room, in the kitchen, or your desk, you can put a Think Board to any indoor, smooth surface!

      If you place your whiteboard somewhere where you see it every day, you are constantly being reminded of the content it contains, making it easier to remember. 

      Whether you're a college student looking for something to motivate you and boost your productivity, or a professional in the business world trying to stay organized and on top of your work, Think Board is the secret ingredient you've been looking for to achieve success.  

      Boston Globe: Think Board lets anyone write on the wall

      Boston Globe: Think Board lets anyone write on the wall

      For a class project three years ago, Hanson Grant needed to brainstorm ideas but discovered that paper was too small for his purposes, white boards were too bulky, and dry erase boards were too expensive. He began layering adhesives and dry erase coatings and ultimately developed Think Board, a clear, peel-and-stick vinyl film that turns any smooth surface into a dry erase board with no nails or drilling.

      Now a senior majoring in entrepreneurship at Babson College in Wellesley, the native of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is a MassChallenge finalist.



      Q. How is Think Board most commonly used?

      A. Think Board is removable and reusable, so it can cover desks, walls, tables, doors, and refrigerators. We’re focusing on the Boston area for now, but we’ve already sold nearly 7,000 units in over 25 countries and passed $100,000 in revenue. It saves paper and money, which is especially important for schools and developing countries.

      Q. Why is writing on a Think Board better than traditional measures?

      A. It inspires on-demand creativity. Whether you’re in a dorm room, an office environment, or a hotel, you can slap it onto a surface for a creative working space wherever you need it. It’s also fun. Kids go wild when you tell them they can write on their desks or the wall.

      Q. Have you been surprised by the response?

      A. Absolutely. After I launched it out of my dorm room on Kickstarter [in July 2014], I expected support from my friends and family but 70 percent of the backers were people I never met before. Right then and there, I realized this is going somewhere and I need to bring it there.

      Q. Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

      A. My whole life. I sold gum in middle school, and I sold water at the race track in my hometown. In high school, I had a T-shirt company that made custom batches for clubs and organizations.

      Q. What is your vision for Think Board?

      A. My goal is to cover every school desk in the country, while inspiring other students to enjoy their work and be creative. I’m 21, only a few years ahead of them, and maybe they’ll realize they can start their own thing, too. Anything is possible.

      Think Board comes in three sizes, and is also available as a grid and monthly calendar. For details, visit www.think-board.com.


      Source: Cindy Cantrell, The Boston Globe: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/west/2015/10/01/think-board-lets-anyone-write-wall/hLklW8dMFrR67RzcqHU7IP/story.html

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