Yahoo Finance Features Think Board in "Work From Home" Article

I work from my home office, and I love my job. I love to look out the window, coffee in hand, and watch the rest of the world commute. I like being able to drive my kids to school and to be here when they get home. I enjoy wearing casual clothes every day. And I’m not alone.

According to a recent survey by Flexjobs (an employment site that specializes in work-at-home gigs), a lot of people who now work regular jobs wish they could work at home instead. A lot of them are parents who cite ‘family obligations’ as the reason they want to do so. Another significant percentage say they’d like to work from home because they think it would save them money.

In reality, working at home can require an initial investment in the kind of equipment and services a regular office job might have provided for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still save some money on that gear. This week, I’ve found you some bargains on the technology you’ll suddenly need to provide yourself. Sorry: I can’t help you with the pajamas and slippers. 

Think Board

You might hate meetings. But if you leave the corporate life, I guarantee the time will come when you will miss that big whiteboard — a space to write your thoughts on the wall, with an endless supply of dry-erase markers. A Think Board turns any surface into that white board, without making it look like, well, a white board. It’s a clear, writeable, surface that comes in three sizes (8-½ by 11 inches ($17.49), 30 by 30 by ($24.99), and 54 by 30 ($29.99). Each order also includes an Expo marker, spray bottle, squeegee (for installation), a set of Velcro dots (to attach the marker), and an instruction card. Shop at Think Board by clicking this link. 

Source: Yahoo Finance,

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