Resurfacing Guide

 We are thrilled you are resurfacing your boards with Think Board! 

By the end of this guide, you will be a pro Think Board installer and everything will make a little more sense while doing it. Please click all of the links and watch the videos. 

  1. This is the Resurfacing Kit. Please read why we include each. You’ll be receiving this in the mail in addition to your Think Boards.
  2. Please watch our Official Resurfacing Install Video. It is our most complete and comprehensive video. If you are installing Magnetic Think Boards, please watch this video as well, as magnetic boards are a little heavier and trickier to handle. The video isn’t professionally done yet, but it gets the point across. 
  3. If installing more than 5 boards, please watch the original install video from years ago. It's a slightly different technique, but works very well too. 
  4. Please read the written instructions on how to install. (They are under the video).
  5. The only real way to mess up an install is by dropping the board, creasing the board, or messing up the edge cut. Creasing the board is most common and happens when you're moving fast and or try to force a bubble. The Think Board wants to be flat and tension free, so forcing a bubble to go away isn't the best thing to do. Resetting the film and adding more water usually helps. The tension can be coming from the Think Board sticking to the top or bottom. In order to remedy this, you can pull the Think Board back a bit and mist the top and bottom edges/tray. Just remember, too much water can cause the Think Board to fall, and also all water needs to be squeegeed out.
  6. Go slow, be methodical, and don’t take shortcuts. 
  7. Call us if you or your team have any questions - 617-657-9616
  8. In the event of an irreversible error, we can most likely send a replacement. Just let us know what happened, send a photo, and we should be able to count that board as a “learning board.”