Resurface your old boards and get your classroom ready for the Fall!

Refresh a classroom in 15 minutes

In just 15 minutes, a Think Board can transform any stained whiteboard or dated chalkboard into a brand new whiteboard that will last 10 more years.

Give your students and teachers a cleaner and brighter classroom while giving them more space to collaborate and work together.

Check out our REAL Before and After Pics!

We're so confident you'll love Think Board, we'll send you a 3'x4' Premium Think Board as a part of our sample kit with spray bottle, squeegee applicator and snap-off blade knife for FREE.

(Our 3'x4' alone regularly sells for $129.99 on Amazon and here on our website.)

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Why Think Board?

- Scratch-Resistant & Graffiti-Proof Finish
- Quick, Easy, and Bubble Free Installation
- Free Replacements for 10 Years

- Erases clean with just a simple microfiber cloth
- Permanent markers erase cleanly with rubbing alcohol.
- No need for harsh chemicals.


-As little as 5% the cost of an asbestos abatement in a classroom

-Up to 40x the value of whiteboard paint (think long term durability)

-Up to 80x the value, if the paint instructions weren't followed perfectly

Is it really a 15 Minute Install?

Think Boards can be installed in as little as 15 minutes and are ready-to-be used the moment they're up!

It takes about 15 minutes for a team of 2 to wipe down a board and install a Think Board directly onto a chalk/whiteboard.

Just peel, stick, squeegee, trim, and it's ready to go.

(If you want the flexibility of having your facilities team install Think Boards, we'd be happy to send you 2 extra Think Boards with your first order to practice with OR do a demo and hands on training for you, just ask a team member!)

Saving Schools Time, Money and Headaches

Traditional whiteboards are headaches starting from the moment you receive them all the way to the dumpster.

Big, heavy and awkwardly shaped whiteboards means whole shipments of damaged whiteboards with dents in the corners.

Then, when its time to toss an old whiteboard, do you drag it out to the parking lot and saw it into a few pieces so it'll fit in the dumpster?

Think Board ships to you rolled in a tube and pre-cut to just a few inches larger than you're fixer- upper board. Lightweight, easy to apply, and durable enough for 10 years of life.

"We used whiteboard paint once....
NEVER again."

If you haven't already experienced whiteboard paint, we strongly advise you to save yourself the frustration, cost, time, and hassle.

If Think Board isn't your preferred solution, that's okay. We get it.

Just do yourself a favor and go with a traditional whiteboard.

As long as they aren't shower-boards from Home Depot, they should last longer than whiteboard paint.

Why To Resurface Your Boards

Learn How Easy It Is To Resurface

Hear From Our Customers

For your first Think Board, we will send you a 3'x4' Sample Resurfacing Kit for free. No crazy shipping charge. No Catch. Just enter the discount code we emailed you at checkout. ($149.99 value)

3'x4' too small? You can upgrade to a 4'x8' Resurfacing Kit for just $60. That's large enough to cover a standard sized whiteboard at a heavy discount. ($299.99 value)

Free shipping on both products!

You should have gotten a coupon code in the email from us, or through a school who referred you here! If not, live chat us below and someone on our team can help!

Each kit comes with
- 1 Think Board
- 1 Cleaning Cloth
- 1 Dry Erase Marker
- 1 Installation Kit (Squeegee, Spray Bottle, and Knife)

Got Questions?

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