The Modern World: A Dry Erase Standing Desk

Have you ever felt your body start to freeze up after sitting and working at a computer for hours at a time? Have you ever lost that creative edge because you have been staring at a screen for too long? Search no longer, hope is here.

Let me introduce you to the Think Board Standing Desk: a desk that gives your body a workout as well as your mind. We have combined our whiteboard technologies at Think Board with a stand-up desk converter and we think you are going to like the result.

Think Board Standing Desk will help you to be more productive throughout your day. Studies have shown those who work at stand-up desks are more productive and burn more calories throughout their day: 200 more calories a day to be exact. Add on some creativity by jotting notes down on the Think Board Standing Desk during any conference calls or daily meetings.

Just place it on top of your current desk, and voila! You've got a standing desk! We promise you'll love it, or your money back!

Think Board Standing Desk

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