Back to School Supplies List: Top 4 Must Have School Supplies

Other than seeing all your old friends again after summer break, one of the best parts about heading back to school is getting your back-to-school supplies list together and going back-to-school shopping! Whether you’re a teacher decorating your classroom for the fall, a parent sending their kiddo to their first day of school, or a college student heading out on your own for the first time, everyone could use a little help on their back-to-school supplies list. That’s why we’ve gathered the ultimate back-to-school supplies list, so you can start this school year off right.

3D Doodle Printer Pen


3D printer pen?! The future is now! Bring your doodles to life with the Professional 3D Printer Pen. Kids will love the fact that their drawings will literally jump off the page, bringing their imagination and ideas to life. The printer pen releases heated plastic filament that quickly cools into shapes and structures.

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Think Board

From working out tricky math problems and writing down notes to doodling and jotting down inspirational quotes, the Think Board is everything you need this semester for your back-to-school supplies list. You can cover your desk, dorm, classroom wall, or any flat surface with a dry-erase surface for creativity.

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back to school supplies list - think board

30-Day Challenge Notepad


We know things can get hectic and stressful during the semester, which is why it’s important to stop and take a deep breath every now and then. This 30-day challenge notepad is the perfect back-to-school supplies list item that will keep you as cool as a cucumber when things get stressful this semester.

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Darth Vader MacBook Case


May the force be with us all this school year! Stick this awesome Darth Vader decal on your MacBook this semester so you can use the strength of the force to help you finish your homework.

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