Dorm Room Hacks: The #1 Dorm Room Essential You Need This Semester

College can be hectic enough as it is, especially if you’re a freshman. It’s your first year away from home, you have to share a dorm with a stranger, and you don’t really know what you’re doing (it’s OK; no one does their freshmen year).

So, freshmen, you need all the dorm room hacks you can get! Don’t worry – Think Board is here to help. We’ve listed our favorite dorm room hacks, used with the help of the Think Board, to keep your semester running smoothly.

dorm room hacks

Think Board Dorm Room Hacks to Get You Through This Semester

Keep A Calendar on Display

Classes. Exams. Football Games. Social Events. Internships. Work. There’s always so much going on in college, and if you’re a freshman, it could take some getting used to such a busy schedule. The easiest solution? Stay on top of the game by writing down all of your events, classes, exams, etc. on a calendar that you view every day. The Think Board dry-erase calendar will help you keep your busy life on track.

Write It Down

Did you know that you’re 75% more likely to remember something if you write it down? Notes, equations, definitions – whatever it is you need to remember, the Think Board can help! Place the Think Board on your wall or desk, and draw out your math problems or formulas for more practice and a higher chance of remembering the material you’ve written down. That upcoming exam stands no chance against you!

Stay Motivated

We know how easy it can be to get discouraged at some points in the semester, especially around midterms and final exams. It may seem a little cheesy, but writing down simple motivational quotes where you can see them every day (cough, cough, on the Think Board) can make a HUGE difference. Thank us later.

The Best Dorm Room Hacks – The Think Board Student Bundle

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Fun Fact: Think Board Was Invented to Be One of The Ultimate Dorm Room Hacks

You’ll never guess where the Think Board was invented – in a dorm room! That’s right, Think Board’s creator, Hanson Grant, invented the Think Board his sophomore year in college because he simply needed a space to write down his ideas and stay organized from week to week.

Just like other dorms, Hanson wasn’t allowed to drill holes in the wall to set up a massive whiteboard, and wasn’t allowed to paint his walls with whiteboard paint. The solution? The Think Board: a clear dry-erase film that was easy to install, looked great and worked like a charm.


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