Must-Have Office Supplies for an Organized Work Space

Must-Have Office Supplies

Dull-colored walls, bland carpets, fluorescent lighting, tiny cubicles. Does this workplace sound a little too familiar? If so, your office could definitely use a splash of color or some personality! Office supplies are a great way to add some humor and personality into your office. With the help of these must-have office supplies, you can turn any dull office into an organized, spunky work space.

Cable Clips


Do you ever look at the cables knotted into one large clump underneath/behind your desk and think “how did that happen?!” It seems like the cables and cords knot up on their own just for fun. No matter how cluttered your desk or office is with cables, these convenient cable clips can help. Just snap wires/cables into one of these clips, and your desk will be as organized as ever. Now you can focus more on your work, and less on untangling cables and cords, with the help of these nifty office supplies.

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Think Board

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Make the Think Board your own personal dry erase board for ideas and daily to-dos. The Think Board makes it easy to stay on top of your to-do list, or jot down quick thoughts or ideas for this week’s big meeting. Need a stress reliever or a way to get your creativity juices flowing? Doodle on the Think Board! Grab the small Think Board to slap on your desk for quick notes, or a large Think Board to hang on your wall for big brainstorming sessions. There's even a Think Board calendar so you can stay on top of your busy schedule.

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Wooden Desk Organizer


This sleek wooden desk organizer can turn any work surface into a modern and stylish workspace. Attractive storage spots for your pens, notepads, and small office supplies. Place it on your desk, or mount it to a wall. The desk organizer also comes with a matching phone speaker. 

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Toaster Sticky Notes & Sharpener


If this isn't the cutest desk accessory you've ever seen, we don't know what is! You can't have the Monday blues with these adorable sticky notes. This desk accessory comes with two sticky notes pads that are shaped like pieces of bread (HA!), a pencil sharpener shaped like a toaster that can also function as a phone holder and a magnetic paper clip holder.

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Pen Scanner


The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is the pen you've always dreamed of having. Glide your scanning pen across the text, and watch it instantly appear on your device like magic. Simply transfer those notes from that big business meeting from paper, onto any computer application, such as Microsoft Word. This pen is portable, lightweight and convenient!

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MacBook Arc Stand


If you tend to be a little clumsy and occasionally spill your coffee all over your desk, you might want to check out this Twelve South BookArc Stand. Not only is this stand great for saving space, but it elevates your notebook and protects it from spills when it’s hooked to an external monitor.

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Desk Organizer


Files, books, reports…. Paper, paper everywhere! Organize all your important documents and office supplies with this sleek office desk organizer. This organizer is designed to keep your desk clean and tidy, with your documents right at your fingertips. With three horizontal and six vertical shelves, you can fit everything you need to in here, so you’ll have more room at your desk.

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Balance Ball Chair


Ditch your regular office chair for this awesome balance ball chair. Sitting in a normal office chair all day can really hurt your back, and isn't the best for your posture. With the help of this balance ball chair, you can stretch, correct posture, reduce stiffness and improve circulation. This chair is great for physical rehabilitation, and preventing spine disorders.

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